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NYT on threat to Victorian view of human genome :)

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

A New York Times editorial opines provocatively (not to say, Provocateurishly :) on a new Genomic analysis, by scientists at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, suggesting that the Chimp and Human species may have ~

…diverged more recently than previous estimates, which were based solely on fossil evidence. Their results suggest further that the ancestors of humans and chimpanzees might have diverged but then hybridized to produce the early lineage from which modern humans eventually developed.

…Even after Darwin, the popular vision of how humans became humans has always had something platonic about it. The details of our descent have been vague enough to implicitly reinforce what one geneticist, commenting on this new finding, called “a more Victorian view of our genome.”

The thought that we might be descended from the mating of ancestors of separate species — that in our origins we are hybrids — is a bold one, and a reminder, once again, of what we always forget: that humans are animals too, closely related to all of life on earth…

…even if this particular analysis of our family tree doesn’t survive, there is certainly more in store as genomic research becomes increasingly refined. We will need to learn a certain agnosticism about the nature of our origins, a willingness to face up to the best analysis of who we really are. This should be an invigorating task.

“Invigorating”, indeed. :> Read the unquoted parts too (admittedly a minority portion). Blogboss, forgive my Intrusion on your special simian Category; or at least don’t go Ape about it. :} Creative Evolutionism commentwarriors, have At it. / Above all: Doctor Mike, for God’s sake (you should Pardon the expression :) tell us what’s the Deal, here. ;>

Party like it’s 4701

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Today is Chinese New Year’s Day… it’s the Year of the Monkey!!!

Google is celebrating with a monkey-laden logo image:

I’m celebrating, too. Here are some miscellaneous monkeys (and uh, apes) for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Monkey Year… I mean, New Year! :)

UPDATE: Your wish is my command:


They’re going ape in Boston

Monday, September 29th, 2003

A 300-pound gorrilla escaped from a Boston zoo on Sunday, his second flight to freedom in two months. The poor beast — he obviously just wants to be the Red Sox’ rally monkey!

What kind of monkey are you?

Wednesday, May 7th, 2003

My monkey alter-ego can kick your monkey alter-ego’s monkey butt!

UPDATE: Who knew? The Dixie Chicks’ monkey alter-ago would kill George Dubya’s!

UPDATE: Now here is a battle for the ages.

UPDATE: The system is obviously flawed.

Ah, that‘s better.

UPDATE: This is just too much fun.

It’s all about the zoo

Sunday, April 27th, 2003

Becky and I went to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday, and I took a bunch of pictures with my new camera. Check out the monkeys!!

There was also an incredibly cute group of koala bears lying all over each other:

And here’s Hua Mei, the giant panda who was supposed to be sent back to China several months ago. Apparently the delay has something to do with SARS. Dunno if pandas can get it, or what, but yeah.

The verdict is still out on the camera, by the way. It performed great at the zoo, but still seem to be having a bit of trouble in less-than-ideal lighting situations. I’m continuing to test it out… I can return it up until next Tuesday, if I want.

Click here for a full gallery of zoo photos!

UPDATE: My dad comments that the SARS delay is due to concern for the panda’s human handlers. He’s right, according to this article, which also reports that this is only the latest in a series of delays: “The panda, born at the zoo Aug. 21, 1999, was scheduled to leave San Diego last September, shortly after her 3rd birthday. Her departure has been pushed back several times. … Paperwork problems in Washington delayed her departure, and then officials in China decided it was too cold there to move her during the winter. A planned May departure was pushed back to June so officials could properly plan a celebration for the arrival of the first giant panda born outside of China to come to the land of her origin.” Now, “neither Chinese nor zoo officials wanted to put at risk [of SARS] the humans who would need to travel with her. Now it’s anyone’s guess when she will leave. Hua Mei’s health is not the issue, said Donald F. Lindburg, head of the zoo’s giant panda team, because it is very unlikely a panda would be susceptible to the SARS virus.”

Monkeying around on the eve of war

Tuesday, March 18th, 2003

I went with Becky and Mrs. Zak to the zoo today. Zoos are always some of Becky’s favorite places, and this one is particularly exciting because you can get the birds and the giraffes eating right out of your hand:

We all had a great time. Click here for more pictures!

At one point during the afternoon, I noticed that my cell phone had received a text message — a Breaking News alert from CNN. It turned out the news was just the indictment of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers, but at first, nautrally, I thought perhaps something had happened in Iraq.

That wasn’t the starkest reminder of war, however. The sight — and very loud sound — of maybe two dozen F-16s flying overhead wins that distinction hands-down.

The flights were from nearby Luke Air Force Base, and may have had nothing to do with the impending war. But even so, they certainly had a tendency to take one’s mind off of zoo animals and onto faraway events.

Spring Break, and uh, monkeys

Wednesday, March 12th, 2003

Becky and I are leaving in a couple of hours for Phoenix, Arizona, where we’ll be spending Spring Break with her parents — and watching the NCAA Tournament, and most likely the outbreak of war, on their big-screen TV. :)

Becky has a campus tour of Arizona State University scheduled for tomorrow, which is why we’re leaving so early. She has already been accepted to grad-school programs (to study the history of medicine) at Arizona State and Notre Dame. I, meanwhile, have applications pending at eight : Notre Dame, Michigan, Boston College, Boston University, Fordham, George Washington, Georgetown, and American U. This weekend, I plan to apply to two more — Yeshiva’s Cardozo school, and UConn — to make it an even ten.

Meanwhile, in far more important news, two dozen monkeys have escaped a Louisiana research center, and have taken refuge in a forest. They are being lured out with bananas and oranges.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Saturday, January 25th, 2003

Sporting my new haircut and USC Orange Bowl t-shirt, I pose with a large tortoise at the Los Angeles Zoo. During our trip to the zoo Jan. 20, Becky and I also saw hippos, apes, a big cat, and a pair of kangaroos that, surprisingly enough, did not know how to rap. More zoo pictures coming soon (or whenever I have time to post them).

‘Greatest Generation’ opposes Iraq war

Saturday, January 18th, 2003

Here’s some food for thought: Which age group do you think is the most opposed to a possible war in Iraq? Go ahead, take a guess. Is it my generation, full of bleeding-heart college liberals? Or perhaps Generation X, those unapologetic cynics who are opposed to pretty much everything? Or could it be my parents’ generation, the onetime hippies who protested Vietnam?

No, no, and no. As it turns out, according to two recent polls, the age group most opposed to (or at least skeptical of) war in Iraq is the generation that really knows what war is: the World War II generation.

According to a poll in the Los Angeles Times, 54 percent of Americans aged 77 and older oppose the war, while just 35 percent support it. By contrast, among respondents of all ages, 58 percent support the war, and just 35 percent oppose it.

The Pew Research Center, meanwhile, found a 50-50 split among Americans 75 and older, compared with 2-to-1 support among the public at large.

The L.A. Times has a fine article in today’s paper discussing these findings. Two representative paragraphs:

The Rev. Bill Berglund, 82, was a Marine who served, proudly, in World War II and Korea. He entered the seminary in 1969 at age 49. He is not, however, a pacifist. Berglund said he would have fought in Afghanistan too, “if I weren’t so old and feeble,” and if they had let him on the battlefield in his golf cart. And he has not ruled out going to war with Saudi Arabia. “They financed 9/11, and their young men flew the planes,” he said.

But ask Berglund, who lives in a retirement community in Elizabethtown, Pa., about Iraq, and he all but bristles. “I am dead set against it,” he said. “It is a needless exercise of power by a certain group of people in Washington.”

Very interesting.

On the other hand, there may finally be a smoking gun, and I’m not talking about those chemical warheads. Also, the U.K.’s liberal Guardian is apparently supporting war, and that’s saying something. (Both links courtesy of InstaPundit, which also has a ton of antiwar protest pics.)

On a totally unrelated note, did you hear the one about the guy with monkeys in his underpants on a flight from Thailand to L.A.?

All about the famous monkey

Monday, October 28th, 2002

I haven’t found a video yet, but for all you Rally Monkey-crazed web surfers, here’s a profile of your favorite simian.

Rally Monkey is a big hit

Monday, October 28th, 2002

As of 2:40 PM Pacific time, this website has already received 53 hits today — its fifth straight day of 50 hits or more. Nineteen of today’s 53 hits have resulted from searches for the World Champion Anaheim Angels’ mascot, the Rally Monkey.

“My world” has received 69 “Rally Monkey”-related hits since the jumping primate first appeared on this page. Forty-six of those hits have come in the last 43 hours or so — that’s more than one per hour — since the Angels’ stunning, monkey-spurred comeback-for-the-ages in Game 6.

Here is a rundown of all the “Rally Monkey”-related hits:
1 – Oct. 17
3 – Oct. 18
0 – Oct. 19 (World Series Game 1)
4 – Oct. 20 (Game 2)
3 – Oct. 21
4 – Oct. 22 (Game 3)
0 – Oct. 23 (Game 4)
4 – Oct. 24 (Game 5)
4 – Oct. 25
8 – Oct. 26 (Game 6) (all 8 hits came after 8:00 pm)
19 – Oct. 27 (Game 7)
19* – Oct. 28

*as of 2:40 PM PST

The Rally Monkey gets no respect

Thursday, October 24th, 2002

Here’s a really funny article about the Rally Monkey’s contract negotiations.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Angels are going to need him tonight. 2-0 Giants in the first inning, bases loaded.

Rally Monkeys! Get your Rally Monkeys heee-ere!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

I’ve gotten 15 hits in the last 6 days from people searching on Google and other search engines for the Rally Monkey. Most seem to want videos of the suddenly famous Angels mascot. Sorry, I don’t have such a video, and I don’t know where to find one. But you can buy a Rally Monkey if you want! And here’s a picture of the Rally Monkey doing an ESPN interview. Hey, here’s another picture from that same interview! And here’s the Rally Monkey holding his “believe in the power” sign. Gotta love that monkey!

The Publicity Monkey

Tuesday, October 15th, 2002

Check out‘s homepage graphic for the World Series:

Go, Rally Monkey, go!

New monkeys discovered!

Monday, June 24th, 2002

Scientists have discovered two new species of monkeys in Brazil’s central Amazon, according to the Associated Press. Both types of monkeys are about the size of cats.

Above: Callicebus stephennashi. Below: Callicebus bernhardi.

“This once again demonstrates how little we know about biodiversity,” said Russell Mittermeier, president of Conservation International. “These are the 37th and 38th new primate species described since 1990.”

Mittermeier was also reportedly heard to comment that “monkeys are cool.” (Okay, maybe he didn’t say that. But they are!)

This monkey, meanwhile, does not belong to a newly discovered species: