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Markov = Denethor

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

I knew it! Markov is played by John Noble, the same guy who played Denethor. His facial expressions were totally the same in the confrontation with Jack Bauer as in the confrontation with Gandalf. I half-expected him to blurt out, “Rule of Gondor is mine! And no other’s!” Yeah, let Chloe figure that one out…

Speaking of Chloe: we went a whole hour without any stupid Morris/Chloe subplot nonsense!! YAY!!!

Bilbo Baggins? Peter Jackson? Sam Raimi? Who cares?

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Ropes of Silicon has had enough of all the Hobbit talk:

Why do people care so much about a feature film adaptation of The Hobbit? To go along with that, why would it matter if Peter Jackson directed it or not? Peter Jackson did a fantastic job with Lord of the Rings, but it just seems like everyone is making such a big deal about something that probably won’t happen for at least another two years and who knows if it will even happen then? Now, even the Los Angeles Times is getting in on the silliness by saying that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is interested. Whoopy Woo! So what?


Sam Raimi to direct The Hobbit?

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Well, it does involve spiders!

No Hobbit for you, Peter Jackson

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

This story is a couple of days old, and several people have e-mailed me about it, but I’ve neglected to blog about it until now. It definitely merits a mention, though: New Line Cinema head Richard Shaye has basically declared war on Peter Jackson, the latest salvo in the battle over The Hobbit. (Previous post here.)

Hollywood power struggle riles The Hobbit movie

Monday, December 11th, 2006

I haven’t been following the ongoing discussions over the making of a movie version of The Hobbit (and possibly a second “prequel,” in between the events of The Hobbit and those of The Lord of the Rings), but apparently there’s quite an kerfuffle between Peter Jackson, New Line Cinema, MGM, and various other parties. It’s a veritable Battle of Five Armies!

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly brings us up to speed. The bottom line is, there’s now a chance the movie(s) will be made… with someone not named Peter Jackson as the director. Oh, the humanity hobbitry!

The whole thing is making Ian McKellen cranky. You can practically hear him confronting New Line’s Mark Ordesky and proclaiming, “Fool of a Took!”

Damn negative ads

Sunday, November 5th, 2006


Santorum: vote for me… OR DIE

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Looks like Rick Santorum is trying the old LBJ/Goldwater “flower girl” trick.

Apparently, Bob Casey wants Iran and North Korea to nuke us, China to dominate us, and terrorists to kill us all. Vote for Santorum!

In other Santorum-related news, here’s a video of Stephen Colbert explaining the Pennsylvania senator’s Mount Doom analogy. Heh.

P.S. About that ad… I have to say, the “amnesty for illegals” part is actually quite offensive. I say that as someone who opposes full-fledged amnesty, and who believes national security is a legitimate, indeed a crucial, argument for tightening our border security. But the debate over how to secure our porous borders is one thing, and the debate over whether to give amnesty (or something similar) to the illegal immigrants who are already here is another thing entirely. The first issue has important national-security implications; the second issue doesn’t, so far as I can tell. The argument against amnesty is that it rewards illegal behavior, and perhaps encourages further illegal immigration by implying the prospect of future amnesties — not that it will let terrorists into this country.

The people who would be applying for amnesty are already here, and if anything, amnesty would bring them “out of the shadows,” thus perhaps increasing our security by giving us a better idea of who’s a threat and who’s among the vast majority of illegal immigrants who just came here for a better life. And while I understand the argument that the mere prospect of amnesty (or of future amnesties) might bring more illegal immigrants in, I don’t see how it would bring more terrorists in. Terrorists don’t want amnesty; they want to kill us. Thus, it seems to me, the only immigration-related issue that’s relevant to the war on terror is the physical security of the border itself, not amnesty vs. non-amnesty.

It’s perfectly fine for Santorum to argue that Casey is wrong to support amnesty (assuming that Casey does, in fact, support amnesty, and I have no idea whether that’s true), but it’s not fine for him to claim that because Casey supports amnesty, he therefore supports a policy that would allow more terrorists into the country. If I’m wrong on this, someone please tell me how, but logically, I just don’t think Santorum’s argument is supportable.

Pity the foo’ , I do, who my prreeeecious, tries to steal

Friday, October 20th, 2006 had another great photoshop competition recently, whose theme was to combine celebrities and Star Wars. The results range from awful to amazing, and gave us these two gems.


The Eye of Santorum

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Rick Santorum says the war in Iraq has distracted the Eye of Sauron (or “Eye of Mordor,” as he put it), and that’s why we haven’t been attacked since 9/11. Forget the Flypaper Strategy; it’s the Mount Doom Strategy! (Hat tip: Scott F.)

Of course, following Santorum’s analogy to its logical conclusion, this means we — like the Armies of the West that marched hopelessly to the Black Gate in an effort to distract Sauron from Frodo and Sam’s movements — are going to be utterly defeated in Iraq… unless two hobbits, or some similarly unlikely heroes, can somehow miraculously save us from our doom at the last possible moment. It would also help if some eagles unexpectedly showed up to help us. Cuz otherwise, we’re pretty much all gonna die. Yeah, great analogy, senator. Heh.

P.S. Obvious Dem response: “Gandalf had an exit strategy: destroy the Ring, and the war is over. What is President Bush’s exit strategy?” Let the geek wars begin! (In the course of which, can we please try to find some way to use the phrase “Cheney the White”?)

P.P.S. Better yet, Cheney is Gollum, but instead of biting the Ring off the Ringbearer’s finger, he shoots him in the face!

Rumsfeld can be “Rummy the White.” Cast into the abyss by the Balrog Jimmy Carter, he comes back to life the Defense Department with even greater power…

P.P.P.S. Perhaps President Bush’s philosophy on the Iraq war is Gimli-esque: “Certainty of death… small chance of success… what are we waiting for?” (Actually, for a war-on-terror pessimist like me, that’s not an entirely implausible attitude toward the Bush Doctrine! I.e., “It’s probably not going to work, but it’s less unlikely to succeed than anything else that’s been suggested…”)

UPDATE: I just realized something… just as you can’t spell “BCS” without ‘SC, you can’t spell “Santorum” without “Sauron”! Heh.

Happy Hobbit Day

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Today, September 22, is the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, according to the Lord of the Rings calendar. So everyone raise your glass of the Gaffer’s Home Brew (or whatever drink is handy) and wish those excellent and admirable hobbits a happy birthday!

Er, and it’s also the Jewish New Year, as of sundown tonight. So, Happy Rosh Hashanah and Happy Hobbit Day! Perhaps we should all dance the Hora while humming “The Road Goes Ever On”… or something.

Photoshopping Sauron

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Another brilliant Fark thread: photoshopping the Eye of Sauron. A couple of highlights:

Much more here. Go for the Evil Dick Cheney, stay for the Evil Yet Sexy Halle Berry! (Also, Notre Dame fans will appreciate the Evil Mark May.)

P.S. Behold: the Pie of Sauron!


Nerd heaven

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

The Lord of the Rings — now with lightsabers.


P.S. Here’s another video along the same lines.

And then there’s this LOTR parody from the MTV VMAs, featuring Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Hilarious, but very off-color. You’ve been warned. :)

We shall have peace… or not

Monday, July 31st, 2006

A comment by David on the Middle East crisis reminded me, as so many things do, of a quote from The Lord of the Rings. So, after leaving a reply comment, I got out my copy of the Extended Edition of The Return of the King and watched the scene in question — and I found it surprisingly applicable to the current situation. Just imagine either an Israeli or a Lebanese official in King Theoden’s place, and replace his list of Saruman’s atrocities with either Hezbollah’s terrorist atrocities or Israel’s perceived atrocities, and I think this video clip represents pretty well how both sides, rightly or wrongly, feel at this point:

source file

The same goes doubly for the Israelis and Palestinians. And alas, that’s why I fear we probably won’t have true peace in the Middle East anytime soon… unless, heaven forbid, it’s brought about by the Derbyshire method.

P.S. Bernard Hill rocks.

P.P.S. But, that scene was even better in the book. :)

A small and passing thing

Friday, July 14th, 2006

With all the scary stuff happening in the world — and all the terrorists, tyrants and thugs trying to make things even worse — sometimes you just have to take a step back and appreciate all the light and high beauty forever beyond the reach of these evil men. For example, this evening’s gorgeous sunset in Phoenix:

They can take our lives, but they’ll never take our sunsets. Or our kittens.

The Eye of Kos-ron?

Sunday, June 11th, 2006