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Jim Kelly for Congress?

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly is reportedly considering a run for Congress as a Republican.

Let’s see: he can serve in the House for four years, run for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat in 2012, win in a stunning upset, make a national name for himself, and then in 2016, when President Obama is termed out…

…can you say Kelly-Norwood ’16?

You may scoff, but the ticket has some major built-in political advantages. First of all, they’d win the normally Democratic state of New York in a landslide, by uniting nostalgic Bills fans and grateful Giants fans. And secondly, they’d have no problems motivating the conservative base. After all, nobody knows how to aim for the right like Scott Norwood! It’d be a vast wide-right wing conspiracy!


(Hat tip: Hugging Harold Reynolds. To all my Buffalo readers, including my wife, I apologize. I couldn’t resist.)

Hitler is a Cowboys fan

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Robert Cox of Asgard Press (the people who make those vintage college-football calendars, which y’all bought $150 worth of in December) sent me this video last Thursday. It’s a bit dated, as it was obviously made before the Super Bowl, but it’s still freakin’ funny, if you ask me. (Warning: subtitled profanity!)


And while we’re on the topic of funny, vulgar, YouTubey goodness: if you haven’t seen them already, Sarah Silverman’s Matt Damon video and Jimmy Kimmel’s Ben Affleck rebuttal are pretty f***in’ funny. Again, though: Warning! Bleeped-but-obvious profanity. Not recommended for the workplace. :)

Tennessee news

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Three items of news today (or in one case, yesterday) concerning the Volunteer State. First, as you may already have heard, Georgia has declared war on Tennessee — er, legislatively speaking — in a border dispute over water. To arms! Fear, fire, foes, awake!! The Georgians are coming, the Georgians are coming!!!

Second, the epidemic of Tennessee coaches getting divorced continues, as Titans coach Jeff Fisher is divorcing his wife of 21 years. Vicky Fulmer, you may want to get a lawyer, just in case. ;) No, but seriously, that’s sad. Divorce sucks.

Last but not least, Lady Vols superstar Candace Parker is skipping her senior season to go pro.

Nobody’s perfect

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Giants 17, Patriots 14, final. Wow!

Turns out Plaxico Burress gave the Pats’ offense too much credit!

Somewhere, the ’72 Dolphins are drinking champagne right now.

Liveblog thread below.

P.S. Now, can Obama pull a Giant-sized upset against Tuesday’s overwhelming favorite?

P.P.S. I just had a thought. Forget Maria Shriver. Forget Al Gore and John Edwards. Barack Obama needs Eli Manning’s endorsement. If Eli were to publicly endorse him in the next 24 hours, Obama would win the New York primary in a landslide. ;)

Super Bowl open thread

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Super Bowl XLII is underway. Leave your comments on the game — and/or the ads — here. I may post occasional updates as well.

UPDATE: A rather surprising halftime score of 7-3 in favor of the Patriots. If the Pats put it together in the second half, the Giants will rue their failure to get a touchdown on either of their two red-zone opportunities.

Nothing terribly memorable on the ad front, IMHO, though the Budweiser Clydsdale ad was cute, as usual.

Did anyone else in a Super Tuesday state get an Obama ad during the local block of ads immediately after the first half ended? There are no national political ads during the Super Bowl, by Fox’s decree, but Obama bought an ad from the local affiliate here in East Tennessee.

UPDATE 2: 10-7 Giants with 11 minutes left!

UPDATE 3: Patriots re-take the lead, 14-10, with 2:42 to go. Giants ball, all three timeouts remaiing.

UPDATE 4: After the Play. Of. The. Century. by Eli Manning and David Tyree … TOUCHDOWN GIANTS!!

Now, can Tom Brady lead New England down the field in 35 seconds to put them in position for a game-tying, perfect-season-saving field goal? Or will we see the biggest upset since Super Bowl III?


17-14, final. Wow!

P.S. Is this a good omen for Obama? :)

UPDATE 6: Back-to-back Super Bowl MVPs for the Manning brothers!

P.P.S. About that Obama ad, it was indeed run in 24 23 states (plus D.C.) during the local affiliates’ halftime ad block. The cost was around $250,000. Here it is:

Here’s the list of states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Washington, plus the District of Columbia.

Super Bowl & Super Tuesday

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

I’ve un-“bumped” my Super Tuesday Prediction Contest post for now, but just a reminder, you can enter the contest here.

Meanwhile, there’s another “Super” event today. I’m not having a formal prediction contest, but feel free to leave your predictions for the Super Bowl in comments. I’m going to say… um… Patriots 42, Giants 31.

Apropos of which… Opinion Polls & Market Research

Man-crush 101

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Who’s your man crush? (Hat tip: BK.)

Will the Pats lose? Will the Giants freeze?

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Undefeated New England leads San Diego, 14-12 heading into the fourth quarter of the AFC title game.

Meanwhile, the Packers and Giants are set to kick off at 6:30 PM EST at balmy Lambeau Field in Green Bay. The temperature is hovering around zero, with wind chills in the negative-20s, and they’re expected to drop. It could be Ice Bowl II.

UPDATE: The Patriots won, 21-12, and the Giants prevailed in overtime, 23-20. So it’ll be New York (13-6) vs. New England (18-0) in the Super Bowl — the unstoppable unbeatens vs. a wild-card team, the #5 seed in the NFC, led by Peyton Manning’s little brother. Hmm… would a Giants win be the biggest upset since Super Bowl III?

Carroll mum on NFL rumors

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Pete Carroll isn’t talking about the ongoing speculation concerning his possible return to the NFL with either the Atlanta Falcons or the Washington Redskins. But the Associated Press asserts that the Falcons’ hiring of Tom Dimitroff as general manager last weekend "likely will end [owner Arthur] Blank’s possible interest in Southern Cal coach Pete
Carroll. Carroll has said he would have interest in an NFL job only if
given the authority in personnel decisions."

Meanwhile, USC linebakers coach Ken Norton will remain at Troy instead of defecting to his alma mater, UCLA, which had tried to woo him across town. "I’m flattered," he said of the Bruins’ interest. "They’ll always be a team in my heart . I feel real good about Rick Neuheisel and what he’s going to
do there. … The
timing just wasn’t right. I’m really appreciative of what Pete Carroll
has done for me over here, and my business is not finished."

Titans fire Chow

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Norm Chow,

you’re fired.

Clearly, the Titans hate Asian people. ;)

Bolts earn right to face Pats

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

The defending champion Colts lost to the Chargers this afternoon, so it’ll be San Diego that visits New England next Sunday to try and stop the undefeated Patriots from reaching the Super Bowl.

The last divisional playoff game is underway now, with the Cowboys and Giants tied 7-7. Winner gets the Packers.

UPDATE: Giants win. So Eli is the Manning who makes it further into the postseason. It’ll be New York at Green Bay and San Diego at New England in next weekend’s NFC and AFC championship games.

16-0, three to go

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

The Packers routed the Seahawks at snowy Lambeau Field earlier this evening, earning a spot in the NFC championship game against either the Cowboys or the Giants. Now, all eyes turn to the AFC as the Patriots try to remain unbeaten against Jacksonville. Winner gets either Indianapolis or San Diego.

UPDATE: Make that 17-0, two to go. Pats win.

Pete Carroll to the Atlanta Falcons?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

It’s January, which means it’s Pete-Carroll-to-the-NFL rumor season. This time, though, it sounds like there may actually be something to the rumors:

USC coach Pete Carroll is interested in the Atlanta Falcons’ head coach
opening and is expected to speak with Atlanta owner Arthur Blank via
phone Wednesday, sources at the American Football Coaches Convention in
Anaheim told ESPN’s Joe Schad.

Blank is expected to offer full control of personnel decisions to
Carroll and the sources said that is what intrigues Carroll most.


(Hat tip: BK.)

P.S. Reaction from around the Trojansphere:

Student Body Right: "Let’s face it, at some point the guy will jump back to the NFL, it
seems inevitable, but… Atlanta? Maybe the single worst job in the
league right now? Seems a little nutty, if you ask me."

AOL Fanhouse: "It’s… interesting to speculate why Carroll would leave a gravy job at USC for
a massive rebuilding project in Atlanta."

Conquest Chronicles: "I am a little shocked that the Falcons would even entertain going after
another college coach, regardless of [the coach’s] success, after the whole
Petrino mess. I have said before that I think Pete Carroll will end up
back in the NFL but I’m not sure this is right fit for him. … [But] I think this might the time for him to go. This is an itch he really
wants to scratch and you will only get so many opportunities to make
the move back into the NFL. Don’t get me wrong I want to keep him as
long as we can but we need to be realistic that sooner or later this
will probably happen."

TrojanWire: "Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Arizona and Houston have all
courted the man, but so far no team has been able to woo him back over.
… [But now Atlanta] is
supposedly offering what Pete wants most: full control of all personnel
decisions for the Falcons. … Pete has been quoted saying he’ll ‘never return’ to
the NFL, but who knows…if the conditions are right, any man has his
price — even Pete."

Scott Wolf: "About two weeks ago, I  spoke to Carroll about the Falcons job and he was not bullish on it or the organization." And later, a quote from the USC sports information department: "There’s nothing going on, no reason to even talk about it." Yeah right — "Nothing going on . . . except an interview with the Atlanta Falcons today," Wolf adds.

Quinn takes first NFL snaps

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Brady Quinn made his NFL debut today. (Hat tip: Scott F.)

Now Quinn’s Cleveland Browns, who beat the 49ers 20-7, are waiting and hoping the Colts beat the Titans, thus securing the Browns a playoff berth in place of Vince Young and LenDale White’s Titans.

The Patriots are 16-0

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

New England 38, New York 35, final.