One day more

I’ve been working hard this weekend on the back-end tasks necessary to make the big blog switch happen Monday night, and I think I’ll be able to do it on schedule. So, sometime after 7:30 PM EDT, this blog will disappear, and will be replaced with my weekly blog (and my photoblog… and a linklog… and a new “moblog”…).

I’ll save the details of the new blog(s) for later, but I wanted to mention this now so you’re all aware. Guestbloggers, if you have anything you’ve been itching to say, today would be the day. :) And readers, if things are a little screwy in this space Monday night, you know why. Hopefully everything will be humming along smoothly by Tuesday morning, albeit in a brave new world wherein I’m no longer a hyperactive blogger.

P.S. Incidentally, I’ve decided, upon reflection, to drop the “Irish Trojan” moniker from both the titles and subtitles of the new blogs. The sidebar of the weekly blog will still mention my USC and Notre Dame affiliations, and that I used to blog as the “Irish Trojan,” but officially speaking, these are my final 24 hours blogging as the “Irish Trojan.”

3 Responses to “One day more”

  1. David K. says:

    Here’s hoping that your old blog to the new is like The Mummy to The Mummy Returns, and not the Scorpion King (yeah I’m sure there are better trilogy/series comparisons that could be made, but i’ve been painting all weekend and i’m TIRED.

  2. dcl says:

    Godfather two instead of Godfather three perhaps?

  3. JD says:

    It’s sad to see you go. As someone who is roughly the same age (graduated HS in 2000), when Katrina got me to this blog and I read more I saw a kindred spirit of sorts. But on the other hand, we are very different. You have already done things in your life I will, in all probability, never be able to do. In that, I kind of see you as a successful version of me – an unapologetic sports nerd/politics junkie/uber-geek – but one who got the girl (and the law degree, and offspring) and was able to tell the world about all that at the same time.

    Thus ends the Second(?) Age of the Irish Trojan, and the Fellowship of the Blog… though eternally bound by friendship and love… is ended. Well, maybe not completely ended, but changed into a form unlike that which we have gathered around until now.