How to be a bandwagon fan

SportsPickle’s DJ Gallo writes a handy guide to being a bandwagon fan for ESPN’s Page 2. Money quote: “don’t let [people] anywhere near your car. They might get the wrong impression when they see that your bumper is covered in Red Sox, Yankees, Lakers, Celtics, Cowboys, Patriots, USC football and Duke basketball stickers. As though it’s your fault that you have deep, childhood ties to all those teams!” Heh.

Speaking of which, hey, how ’bout those Cubs? ;)

4 Responses to “How to be a bandwagon fan”

  1. I R A Darth Aggie says:

    They might get the wrong impression when they see that your bumper is covered in

    Say, isn’t that related to road rage? I wouldn’t piss off a bandwagonner if I where you. They might run you off the road with that bandwagon.

  2. Jeff Freeze says:

    I am thinking “How ’bout them Rays!” Since they just swept my Cubbies. Anyway, on to the crosstown classic!

    BTW, is the Yankees/Mets or Dodgers/Angels, A’s/Giants interleague games as hyped as the Sox/Cubs contests. I mean the morning news and all the radio stations are doing their broadcasts live from Wrigley today and from the Cell next Friday. There are commercials with Lou and Ozzie, endless stories about “A house divided”. I was curious if other two horse towns had this same kind of hype. I’m not even a huge baseball fan, but you almost have to be this weekend in Chicago.

  3. Marty West says:

    F*** the Cubs!!!


  4. Marty West says:

    Jeff –

    It’s getting this much hype because they are both in 1st place. It’s actually the first time it has ever happened. You have to love that.

    I’m headed the the Phillies game tonight to see them stick it to Santana and the Angels.