Help me name my new blog!

All right, I know I’ve been dragging my feet on this, but I have indeed decided — as I alluded last Friday — to try out the weekly blog format. My intention is to make the switch on Tuesday. (I figure July 1, the halfway point of the calendar year, is a good arbitrary date to make such a change.)

However, the timing of the switch may change, depending on how much free time I have this weekend. There’s a lot of back-end stuff that I need to do, both to close down this blog and to set up the new blog. If I don’t make the switch on Tuesday, it probably won’t happen until July 14 or thereabouts, because Becky and I will be traveling over July 4 weekend, so I won’t have much free time again until the weekend of the 12th-13th.

Anyway, I need help from y’all on something. In switching from this "hyperactive" blog to a new, weekly blog, I want to make a clear, clean break by giving the blog a new name. I figure the subtitle could include the phrase "Irish Trojan," in order to maintain some semblance of "brand" continuity, but I want the title of the blog to be something different — and a more drastic difference than my switch last year from "The Irish Trojan’s Blog" to "Irish Trojan in Tennessee." I want a real new name.

Ideally, the new name would in some way emphasize the blog’s weekly/occasional nature. But at the same time, I don’t want it to be something totally pedestrian, like "Brendan’s Weekly Blog" or whatever. The problem is, I’m terrible at coming up with good, non-pedestrian ideas for things like blog names (as the "Ably Nerd On" fiasco demonstrated). So, I need your help. I need some suggestions for what I should call the new blog!

So far, the only decent idea I’ve had is to call it "Hopefully Considered," which was the name of my Papa Loy’s old weekly newspaper column. (The subtitle, I think, would be "The Irish Trojan’s Weekly Blog." So, in toto, the title and subtitle would read "Hopefully Considered: The Irish Trojan’s Weekly Blog.") But although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I’m not sure I like the idea of simply copying exactly the name of Papa’s column. Something that alludes to "Hopefully Considered," without being precisely the same name, would be great… but I can’t think of anything good.

Don’t limit yourself to spin-offs of "Hopefully Considered," though. That’s just one idea. Any and all other ideas are welcome! Please, submit ’em in comments, and please feel free to comment on other people’s ideas as well. This isn’t a democracy, exactly, but at the same time, I’m definitely curious to know what my "regulars" think. 

Incidentally, in addition to the weekly blog, I think I’m going to create a linklog
in the new blog’s sidebar, probably with comments enabled. That will give me
someplace to dump any articles and links that I find during the week —
thus helping me organize stuff that I might want to reference in
writing my column each weekend — and it’ll give y’all someplace to
continue having comment-wars while I’m off doing other stuff. :) That
plan is tentative, and obviously depends on the maintenance of the linklog not becoming time-consuming and demanding in its own right, but it’s something I’d like to try out.

Also: at least at first, I think there will be no guestblogging on the weekly
blog. I might eventually set up a separate guestblog of some kind, or
at least give guestbloggers access to the linklog, but initially, I’m planning to have this new blog be for me only. Guestblogging creates a whole separate set of complications, and I need to do one
thing at a time in building this brave new bloggy world. ;)

Oh, and by the way, I’m planning to merge the archives of this blog — "Irish Trojan in Tennessee," August 2007 – June 2008 — with the (currently broken) archives of the older
blog, "The Irish Trojan’s Blog," April 2002 – August 2007. Although I
originally intended for "Irish Trojan in Tennessee" to take on a somewhat
different character from its predecessor, it really hasn’t, and I don’t
see any point in having three different sets of archives (one
from 4/02-8/07, another from 8/07-6/08, and yet another from
7/08 onward). The two "Irish Trojan" blogs should be relatively easy to merge, so I will do
that at some point, though perhaps not immediately upon switching (because I probably won’t have time this weekend).

Anyway… that’s where things stand. Let me know what you think, and again, please leave your suggestions in comments for possible weekly-blog names!

44 Responses to “Help me name my new blog!”

  1. Megan D says:

    WOW I’m the first to post on this subject? I’m never the first! lol I just wanted to say that I’m SOOOOO glad you decided to keep going with this. Honestly I hadn’t had time to post previously on the subject but I really think that doing this once a week will be a great outlet for you and all us wonderful readers still get to keep up with things. Your satire and wit have always been something I look forward too on this blog. I think you have to look at it this way although I probably do check your blog at least once a day but there are sometimes when I simply can’t check for several days. Doesn’t kill me and I don’t think it will kill others. Now we just have more to look forward too once a week.

    As for a name I also am hopelessly “pedestrian” in coming up with stuff. The only thing I could think of was, “Once a Week Trojan” and that really has far too many jokes to work! So good luck with the search on a name! You will find something that fits just right.

  2. dcl says:

    On the guest blogging thing, I don’t think it makes sense to ever give access to the weekly post section to guest bloggers unless you will be in Botswana for a month and you ask four people to do one guest column or something. That would be fully in keeping with format. Linked list access makes a little more sense, especially if you want it to keep from going stale. But we can email you links and it all comes out to the same net effect plus or minus work for Brendan.

    I suppose you could call it “A few things considered” or “Hopefully reviewed” but both of those seem rather lame. But vaguely in keeping with the Hopefully Considered title idea but basically just involves some hot hot thesaurus action.

    You could call it the Weekly (Irish) Trojan. … or the Irish Trojan Files, or “To be syndicated at a later date”

    I dunno, you really should come up with your own name… Like Blogging Lethargically for around a week.

  3. kcatnd says:

    You know, Ably Nerd On really isn’t that bad. What if you modified it a little? Like “Ably Nerding On: The New Adventures of the Irish Trojan” Yeah, you lose the true anagram, but the root is still there.

    Here’s whatever else I thought of just now:

    “There and Back Again: A Weekly Irish Trojan Tale”

    “Wolf-Face Crazy: An Irish Trojan Joint”

    “Seven Days Past: A Weekly Irish Trojan Blog”

    “Irish Trojan: The Next Generation” (complete with unavoidable flash animation every time you load the page that features you narrating over images of politics, college sports, hurricanes and Megan Fox before launching into a bombastic theme song)

    OK, I should quit right there.

    Also, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using your Papa’s column title. I appropriated my great-grandfather’s old newspaper column title, Caught on the Bound, for my blog as a way of honoring and bringing the name back into the world before it recedes into historical obscurity for my family. As long as you acknowledge the source and maybe receive some approval from older family members, I think the title could be a great way of honoring and continuing what appears to be a Loy family tradition.

  4. Antonia says:

    Weekly DepLOYment

  5. anonamom says:

    Hopefully Considered is perfect.

    Using it would be a lovely tribute.

    You come from good stock!

  6. dcl says:

    I would like to submit a concurring opinion to the conclusion that hopefully considered is a good and fitting title.

  7. Phead says:

    I Wish I Knew How To Quit You: The Irish Trojan’s Weekly Blog

  8. Steve says:

    Two options…

    For Your Consideration: The Irish Trojan’s Weekly Blog – it’s not exactly original, but it is a subtle tribute

    Tennessee Tuesdays: The Irish Trojan’s Blog – it’s only good while you’re living in Knoxville, but it’s a nice reminder about when you’ll be posting.

  9. Wobbly H says:

    Just a thought, but maybe you should leave the “Irish” out of your next blog. You haven’t blogged about ND-related stuff for “munfs”, and it seems like the whole ND Law School thing was an unpleasant experience for you and (especially) your wife. Maybe best to move on–perhaps with a reference to your new job, whatever that will be.

  10. KenW says:

    Off the top of my head, here are a few:

    Weekly Rants from the Irish Trojan

    All things considered…

    (or the variation “All things considered – hopefully”)

    A day in the week of the Irish Trojan

    Deep Thoughts by the Irish Trojan

    (with apologies to Jack Handy)

    Weekly recap by the Irish Trojan

  11. Joe Loy says:

    “As long as you acknowledge the source and maybe receive some approval from older family members,…”

    Well kcatnd, he hereby has the approval (and the gratitude, for a very touching thought) of old Papa Loy the 3rd. :}

    “…I’m not sure I like the idea of simply copying exactly the name of Papa’s column. Something that alludes to ‘Hopefully Considered,’ without being precisely the same name, would be great…”

    Thinking Out Loud: The Irish Trojan’s Hopeful Considerations

    (then emphasize “a Weekly blog” in a permanent Intro or somesuch / Or, just subsitute “Weekly” for “Hopeful” in the subtitle, though I prefer my Above [naturally :] )

  12. Brendan says:

    Hmmmmm… I like the “Thinking Out Loud” idea… I think I would probably just do “Thinking Out Loud: The Irish Trojan’s Weekly Blog,” and thus it would be a tribute to Papa Loy himself, albeit not to the title of his column.

    (For the uninitiated, Papa Loy, who was never one to rush into things, would often famously say, “Let’s think out loud about this.” Sort of like an Ent saying, “Hroom-hoom, let’s not be too hasty.” :)

  13. David K. says:

    Thinking Out Loud gets my vote too

    I think you should mix up the subtitle a bit, something like “The Weekly Musings of the Irish Trojan”. I think its safe at this point to assume that its a blog without having to specifically mention it :)

  14. Joe Loy says:

    A still-PapaLoyish alternative:

    Considerable Hope: The Irish Trojan’s Weekly Blog

  15. Angrier and Angrier says:

    The Weekly Trojan: That’s What She Said

  16. Joe Loy says:

    “…Papa Loy, who was never one to rush into things…”

    Indeed. / My saintly Dad was always duly deferential to both his decisive Wife and his no-nonsense Mother-in-law, Ma McNamara, who resided with Helen & Tom….one day, upon his returning home from work… ~~

    “Tom, Ma and I have sold the house.”

    “Hmmm. Nowww wait a minute now, let’s think out loud about this.”

    “The movers will be here Saturday.”

    “Yes, dear.”


  17. Joe Loy says:

    “Don’t limit yourself to spin-offs of ‘Hopefully Considered,’ though. That’s just one idea. Any and all other ideas are welcome!”

    With which I strongly agree, btw, and please don’t let My participation here weaken your Options-Open Resolve :} in that respect. IOW you won’t Hurt my delicate Feelings :> if you go with a Non-TLL-Spinoff now. (And if I can Think of some, I’ll post ’em.)

  18. Sean says:

    If you want Ents, call it the Loymoot.

    The Living Room Times Weekly Edition?

  19. Angrier and Angrier says:

    The Tuesday Trojan

  20. kcatnd says:

    The Weekly Living Room Times: National Edition

  21. Alasdair says:


    Nobly, A Nerd

    A Nerd, Nobly

    If you go anywhere near a title with “hope” in it, sadly, you might as well just use

    Blog Possumus or

    Quantum Possumus

    If you make it

    Hope, Fully Considered

    then it’s either highly critical of Obama, or directly shilling for Obama … (grin) …

    Moving on towards

    Quantum Leaps of Logic: Hypoactive Considerations

    Loy-tering Weekly or

    Loy-tering With Intent

    Familial tributes

    Ex-Zack-Loy Weekly Blog (since you will be aiming to post exactly weekly – perhaps have Becky do so, too, if she wishes – that way, it’s still your space, with her as a welcome guest)

    Blog Irish Musings {with apologies to Elder Loy}

    And, lastly, in deference to past generations

    Try Weekly Blog (and the Try can be Tri – and the Weekly can be Weakly – depending upon how busy (or not) you may be)

  22. Rick Boeckler says:


    How about the following:

    “From where I sit…”

    “A Veritable Gallimaufry”

    “Bothered & Bewildered”

    “Fancy Rants”

    “Brendan’s Buzz”

    “Loy & Order” (or Loy & Ordure)

    “You’ll Blog”

    “Hark, the Lark Barks”

    “States writes”

    “The Blog Flogger”

    “Serendipity’s Trumpet”

    Uncle Rick

  23. Joe Loy says:

    Yup, I vote for Uncle Rick. An EXCELLENT blogtitle. :} “Uncle Rick: The IrishTrojan’s Weekly BoecklerHeckler” :>

  24. Joe Loy says:

    Now a Saint you Ain’t but still, you Used to be a rather monkish little fellow :) so ~

    New Voyages of Brendan: The Irish Trojan’s Weekly Blog

  25. Marty West says:

    Copy your pops title. Why not?

  26. Jim says:

    Weekly Volunteer.

    I wouldn’t want to see you give up on identifying yourself with your place of residence. :)

  27. Alasdair says:

    Elder Loy – are you implying that your progeny’s pronouncements are coracular ?

    (Or even oracular) ? Or just often circular, or all at sea ?


    Hmmm … I can see it now – your first Grandson being named Cadfael …

  28. dcl says:

    I second getting rid of the word blog.

  29. Rick Boeckler says:


    How about “Hoi Pol-Loy”

    The Loyve Machine

    The Weekly Warrior

    Odds Blog-kins

    Peripatetic Perusing

    Gnash Rambler

    Saturday Night Loyve

    Uncle Rick

  30. kcatnd says:

    Hopefully Considered

    (The Irish Trojan Weekly)

  31. Condor says:

    Since there’s only one post per week:

    Cheap Loy

  32. Leanna Loomer says:

    The Hope Lives On

    (And The Irish Trojan Blog Will Never Die)

  33. Ed says:

    On the Seventh Day…

  34. Leanna Loomer says:

    Seriously, I like kcatnd’s:

    Hopefully Considered

    (The Irish Trojan Weekly)

  35. Joe Loy says:

    Yeah, that Is good, LL mo chroidh.

    Uncle Rick, I still vote for “Uncle Rick”, though I admit that “Saturday Night Loyve” is pretty Accurate too :}. Now quit making fun of my Great-uncle Hoipol ;], he was a very kindly man & a respected Rabbi to boot. (Reform, of course. Congregation B’nai Limerick. / Of course later on he Transferred to Temple Beth O’Malley but we never Speak of that. :)

    Alasdair, not to be French or anythinglikethat but I Surrender. I’m too tired to keep Looking up all yer Erudition in Wikipedia. :>

  36. Brendan says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, everybody. There are some good possibilities here. Though, I must say, I’m eagerly awaiting Nadine’s thoughts. Considering that she named my child, I figure naming my blog should be easy. ;)

  37. Tbone says:

    “Brendan On The Moor”

    Bold, Brave, and Undaunted…

  38. lex icon says:

    Let’s see. A product of both USC and Notre Dame … a lawyer … coming around once a week to tell us what he thinks … How about “The Weekly Myopian” ?

  39. Alasdair says:

    USC and Notre Dame and weather and punditry … how about

    Trojan Hunch Front

    Or, again in honour of prior generations,

    L’Oy Feh !

  40. Casey says:

    “The Weekly Geekly”

    “The Unstoppable Farce”

    “The Miley Cyrus Boobies Blog”

    “Frontiers in Nerdosity”

    “For the last time, I’m not carrot top!”

    “The Red Knight’s Rutting Blogsteed”

  41. Jim Hu says:

    Sorry for the double post.. the free wifi at the San Diego airport is flaky