CNN Breaking News

Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent has died in Paris, French media report.

2 Responses to “CNN Breaking News”

  1. Nadine says:

    The Plaza Hotel in New York had a ban on women wearing pant suits like those that YSL had shown on the runways of Paris.

    During an event at the Plaze, Nan Kempner, ,a NYC socialite, challenged this ban to women wearing pants when she took off her YSL pants which changed her jacket into a mini-dress.

    My mother was at that function, but wearing a dress. My father turned to her and said “Why don’t you take off your pants!”

    …AND SHE DID!!! According to her she slipped them off, handed them to him with a “Please put these in your pocket for me.” I don’t think my father ever again made fun of what women should wear.

  2. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    For my first job I managed to get a heck of a deal on a YSL suit. Wore it for years.