Big Brother bans hats in Yorkshire pubs

You can take our lives, but you can never take our silly British hats!!!

One Response to “Big Brother bans hats in Yorkshire pubs”

  1. Peter Evans says:

    Hey, wait a moment! I wear a silly British hat – to whit a flat cap. And indeed I grew up in West Yorkshire, though I’m now in Wales, and can consider myself a young ‘un. Glad the Telegraph also included the shot of Last of the Summerwine in the article, as that’s Cartworth Moor atop Holmfirth, my house where I grew up and spent most of my life on the opposite side of the valley there. Ahh, memories of a pint of mild in’t Nook and a game of darts, before playing Asteroids on the table-top games machine and listening to the Pogues on the jukebox. If you like Wallace & Grommit by the way, that’s the actor who plays Wallace leaning on the gate in the foreground there.

    And I disapprove of shedding head gear in pubs, the daft aipeth’s.