A last guest blogging

Brendan said that if you needed to post something best do it now, before it’s too late…

So I think, as guest blogs, we all need to make sure we get any and all picking on Brendan take care of and wrapped up before he shuts us all down for good. Like recalling the guy that for months kept calling him Brenda… Or the fact that he still, yes still, wears Velcro shoes (well, last I knew anyway, please Becky, tell me you’ve fixed this?)… I imagine his daughter will be lacing up her own shoes properly long before Brendan… (Update: In comments, Brendan tells us he is now wearing proper lace up trainers, so I suppose we can’t tease him about that anymore.) Anyway, it appears it is last call, so I say we get on with it for a nice good showing these last 20 ish hours.

Really, I’m thinking a good and proper roast for a nice send off…

Update: Or just, you know, say fair thee well and thank you, if that’s more your fancy. (Just remember, odd sentence constructions are encouraged.)

3 Responses to “A last guest blogging”

  1. Texasyank says:

    I’ve never been good at roasts.

    Brendan: you were quite literally a lifesaver during the storms of 2005. I’ve always been grateful for your venue and for your links.

    Best of luck and Godspeed.

    Joe McDade–the Texasyank, signing off from Houston.

  2. Brendan says:

    Actually, I retired the velcro shoes a while ago. :) Their soles were worn out. I was going to replace them with new velcro shoes, but I couldn’t find a pair I liked, so I actually now wear legitimate sneakers…

  3. dcl says:

    I think I just died of a heart attack… I suppose I shall have to updated now.