A house divided

You know those "House Divided" license plates — they’re really popular here in the South — for families in which the spouses root for rival schools? Well, the governor and first lady of California have something similar going on, except it relates to politics rather than sports, and it’s on their house instead of their car:



Of course, while the Schwarzenegger-Shriver split gets front page treatment in the New York Times, the same thing happens every day in the Carville-Matalin household. :)

(As for those license plates, I need a customized USC/Notre Dame version that says "A Man Divided." Heh. Okay, not really, but it’d look cool, anyway…)

5 Responses to “A house divided”

  1. JT says:

    You aren’t divided. Everyone roots for their undergrad first.

  2. Marty West says:

    JT is right. I think that’s in the Bible somewhere.

  3. Brendan says:

    Not everyone. There were some “Irish Bruins” in our law-school class who rooted for Notre Dame over UCLA. Not Mike Tran, but others. I’m not naming names, but let’s just say this is another sign that UCLA sucks. ;)

    But, yes, in terms of me, you’re right.

  4. dcl says:

    Obama Shriver

  5. David K. says:

    A horse divided against itself can not stand