A Dodd scandal, and a Courant catastrophe

The Waterbury Republican-American evidently does not believe in God and Senator Dodd. Well, maybe the former, but certainly not the latter. :) In an editorial Monday, the Rep-Am‘s editorial board calls Dodd "Tammany Hall’s senior senator" and scolds the national media — as well as, in a subsequent editorial, the Hartford Courant — for failing to more vigorously cover "the sweetheart mortgages he got from Countrywide Financial CEO Angelo Nozilo." (Countrywide is described as "the Enron of subprime mortgages.") "This scandal has legs," the editors assert.

I haven’t followed this at all, so I have no idea whether it’s a big deal; I just saw the link on InstaPundit, and since it involves Connecticut’s, er, other senator, I figured it deserved a post.

Meanwhile, in other Connecticut news — and speaking of the Courant — the Nutmeg State’s paper of record is eliminating 60 newsroom staffers and reducing the number of news pages in the paper per week from 273 to 206. Here’s the memo to staff. (Hat tip: my dad.)

It’s times like these I’m really happy I went into law instead of journalism.

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  1. coqndor says:

    From the five-second bit I heard on NPR, the people who received these loans were not aware of the deal they were being cut. From the bit I heard on Limbaugh, there was no mention of this fact, which makes me suspect it’s probably true and, if known, would be the end of the story.

  2. Joe Loy says:

    “It’s times like these I’m really happy I went into law instead of journalism.”

    So is your Mother. That was Exactly her reaction when I told her about the the Courant’s Wednesday-Afternoon Massacre.

    Btw it’s a reduction in news pages” from 273 to 206 per week. Presumably unscathed, if not Expanded, will be Non-News pages. / Speaking of which, note that per the linked article (emphases added), “The Courant’s parent company, Chicago-based Tribune Co…said its newspapers must deliver to readers and advertisers more of what they want, including, in the news pages, more maps, charts and lists.” Lists of what? Unemployed Pulitzer-Prize-winning investigative reporters? Competing USA Today clones? Bubbleheaded Cablenewsy anchors whose “journalism” will henceforth be More accurate than The Hartford Courant’s? / Bah.

    Bravely, the Editor declared in his Memo to Staff (emphases added) that “We will continue to be – we must continue to be — a journalistic force. Our readers deserve that. That has been true for 243 years and never more so than now.”

    Right. Never more so than Now. If that futile pledge weren’t so damn Sad it would be Almost funny.

    The Connecticut Courant began as a weekly on October 29, 1764 and was started by Thomas Green. The word “courant” was a popular name for English-language newspapers, borrowed from the Dutch. The daily Hartford Courant traces its existence back to the weekly, thereby claiming the title “America’s oldest continuously published newspaper” and adopting as its slogan, “Older than the nation.” The New Hampshire Gazette, which started publication in 1756, has a legitimate claim to the title of oldest paper in the nation, and is a bi-weekly, while the Courant has not missed a week since October 29, 1764.

    The Courant is not only an Old paper, it is a Very Good paper. / Was a very good paper. / Bah again.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Brendan, the Dodd business feels Fairly big, locally. There are, shall we say, some Skeptics ;> of the explanation that Chris Didn’t Realize he was getting special VIP Preferential treatment re his Mortgage rate. :| And his leading role in crafting the Senate’s response to the national Mortgage Meltdown doesn’t exactly Uncomplicate matters ;>.

    However. In addition to being a Bombastic little fellow and a longtime beneficiary of the Blarneystone’s blessings :}, Christopher J. Dodd is a Tough Cookie to boot. My guess: he’ll get through it OK. / Now whether he’ll emerge Shortlisted for the Obama Cabinet (say, Treasury, or Commerce, or Housing & Urban Development :), well, that’s another Matter ;>.

  3. JD says:

    It’s times like these I’m really happy I went into law instead of journalism.

    Rub it in, why don’t you. :-P

  4. Ricardo says:

    Christopher Dodd, chairman of the banking committee, is pushing a bill in the Senate that would allow distressed borrowers to refinance with into government backed loans. The lender would basically have to cut the principal balance to no more than 90% of the home’s current value. This is a bailout for banks and irreponsible borrowers with taxpayers footing the bill. I consider any Representative or Senator who voted for this idiotic bill a disgrace. Dodd seems to be returning the favor to Countrywide as a for the low interest loans he got from them as a “friend of Angelo”.

  5. MHiggo says:

    Give customers less news in less space, written by fewer reporters and proof-read by fewer copy editors, but charge them the same for it.

    Great plan, Mr. Zell. Why you didn’t use this approach in your real estate dealings is beyond me….

    I came in knowing the odds were I’d never make it big in this business. At this rate, I’m not entirely sure I want to make it big.

  6. Brendan says:

    Thanks Dad, I just changed “number of pages” to “number of news pages” in the post.

  7. P. Louise says:

    Chris Dodd’s father, Thomas Dodd, was censured for misappropriating campaign funds for personal use 41 years ago this month but yet nary a mention of this by the MSM. Were he a Repub, the media would be all over him.

    Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  8. Lauren says:

    A little late on this but it’s a sad day for the Courant. I grew up reading it and hearing the “plop” as it hit the doorstep every morning was a part of my routine growing up. Unfortunately I think this cut will drive more people to subscribe to the NYTimes instead (my parents get both but only the weekend edition of the Courant.)

    It is/was a good newspaper and produced quality pieces. A sad day indeed.

  9. ken epley says:

    dodd is the best money can buy…google…dodd and arthur anderson…the 100k he got from anderson would that be a campaign contribution or ???…