Hillary schedules events thru next Friday

There are some indications that Hillary Clinton is planning on sticking around past next Tuesday. Specifically, the reporters embedded with her campaign "received an email Thursday afternoon informing [them] they could sign up for travel through June 6 on the campaign website." (Hat tip: Halperin.)

Notwithstanding this, I predict she drops out on Thursday (the 5th). Obama will reach the "magic number" — however it’s defined — either Tuesday night or Wednesday (with additional superdelegate endorsements), thus well and truly clinching the nomination. At that point, the pressure on Hillary to withdraw will become intense and almost universal among party leaders outside her circle of sycophants and rabid supporters.

If she presses on, using Michigan and Florida as her phony rationale for doing so — and, yes, it’s phony even if she genuinely believes it, having convinced herself of her righteousness — it’ll be career suicide (and quite possibly party suicide). Which doesn’t mean she won’t do it, but I’d bet against it. All things considered, I suspect this "schedule" is mostly for show.

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