Bob Dole: Bob Dole is angry. Bob Dole.

Bob Dole told Scott McClellan today that Bob Dole thinks Scott McClellan is a "miserable creature," a "total ingrate," a greedy bastard, and a poor excuse for a man. (Bob Dole, of course, knows a thing or two about manhood.)

"If all these awful things were happening," Bob Dole wrote in an e-mail to McClellan, "and perhaps some may have
been, you should have spoken up publicly like a man, or quit your
cushy, high profile job." That, says Bob Dole, would have taken "integrity and courage."

Instead, Bob Dole wrote, McClellan chose the path of greed. Bob Dole added that Bob Dole
thinks McClellan should donate his book proceeds "to a worthy cause,
something like, ‘Biting The Hand That Fed Me.’"

Bob Dole also pointed out that McClellan is hardly unique in this regard. "In [Bob Dole’s] nearly 36 years of public service, [Bob Dole has]
known of a few like you," Bob Dole said. McClellan, says Bob Dole, is just another "miserable creature" who doesn’t "have the guts to speak up or quit if there are disagreements with the boss or colleagues," but instead "soaks up the benefits of power, revels in the limelight
for years, then quits, and spurred on by greed, cashes in with a
scathing critique."

"You’re a hot ticket now," Bob Dole concluded, "but don’t you, deep down,
feel like a total ingrate?"

According to Politico, Bob Dole "signed the email simply: ‘BOB DOLE.’"

14 Responses to “Bob Dole: Bob Dole is angry. Bob Dole.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait, Bob Dole is still alive?

    Funny how everybody who disagrees with McClellan attacks the messanger and not the message. Dole needs to stick to what he does best – selling penis pills.

  2. copndor says:

    Down, boy.

  3. copndor says:

    Down, boy.

  4. Angrier and Angrier says:

    I’ve noticed that. I don’t hear anyone refuting what McClellan actually said. They are all attacking him as an ingrate (which may be true, but it isn’t a high crime and misdemeanor like, I don’t know, lying us into an unnecessary war?).

    I would really like to see one of these jokers try to refute McClellan’s specific claims. They won’t because they can’t.

  5. Ozu says:

    I hate to say it but I kind of agree with Bob Dole here. While it’s a good thing to know as much as possible about the dismal state of affairs in the Bush White House, from what I can see there’s little to no contrition on Scotty’s part.

    I honestly believe that Bob Dole would take offense even if Dee Dee Meyers or any other Democratic press secretary wrote such a book. I doubt he’d be quite as angry, but there is something unseemly about the whole thing in a way that was absent from Richard Clarke’s book. Clarke was never an appologist for Bush and he quit when things got beyond what he could stand. As much as I love McClellan for speaking up, it doesn’t show much class to do so now and after working as Bush’s mouth-piece for so long — if even if he’s taking on arguablly the most low-class administration since the country’s founding.

  6. Angrier and Angrier says:


    It may be classless, tacky and thankless on McClellan’s part, but given the shit storm he is experiencing from his former friends, it just reinforces my belief that the only thing that could compel a loyalist to drop a dime like this is a moral quandary. It would be so much easier for McClellan to shut-up and take to consulting gigs, etc, that would normally come his way.

  7. copndor says:

    I don’t have high praise for McClellan, but the attacks on him from the right show the very reason that the right is on the out. Some on the right value loyalty over honesty. They attack McClellan for being disloyal. As Bob Dole says, he’s an ingrate. But this is totally missing the point. If your honest, it’s fine to be an ingrate. Better a disloyal truth-teller than a loyal liar.

  8. Sandy Underpants says:

    Bob Dole emerges from the crypt for this? He says, “If all these awful things were happening, and perhaps some may have been.” If you believe that some of these things were happening, why are you freakin worried about a rat like McClellan? You should be interested in protecting the US Constitution and the Americans this administration is suppose to represent.

    Scott is an opportunist, an ingrate, a poor excuse for a man, chose the path of greed, and is a gutless coward. But doesn’t this pretty much describe everybody who’s worked in the white house during this administration from George W. Bush the coward who got out of combat in Vietnam to Dick Cheney the coward who got out of Vietnam 5 separate times, all the way down to Scott McClellan himself.

  9. David K. says:

    I agree that McClellan would have better served his country by speaking up about this (and possibly resigning) at the time, but better late then never I suppose. The attacks as AA points out seem to be going after his character rather than the details he presents, which to me reinforce their believability.

  10. copndor says:

    One more thought. It seems to me that there’s a trend of the old political guard totally losing their decorum in this political environment. Now Bob Dole (calling McClellan a “miserable creature”), but also Jimmy Carter and Dan Rather come to mind. It’s kind of depressing.

  11. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Would it be crass of me to point out that Bob Dole was a die-hard Dick Nixon defender who thought Nixon shouldn’t have resigned?

  12. CORNHUSKERS 94 95 97 says:

    I used to love this very sketch when saturday night live when show it. Very funny, Bob Dole wants to give you a piece of Bob Dole’s mind.


    These attacks from the right are like the defense offered up by the Left when ‘ole Billy boy got a little relief from Monica. It didnt seem to matter that he lied to a grand jury then lied to the american people about it it was more like, whats the big fuss about. I agree that Scott is low but who would honestly quit the same day that the US President maybe admits to a scandal and sending the country to war? And that president is a member of skull and bones to boot. Not me, thats how you end up with your nasal passages cleared for eternity.

    But hey look at it this way the Right will not be able to codemn kids in the hood for waering ‘dont snitch’ t-shirts anymore!

  13. kcatnd says:

    I think it’s worth bringing up the tired Leftist trope that Bush’s lies about national security were far more significant than Clinton’s lying about his personal life.

    That said, the recent Clinton shenanigans are ridiculous.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would really like to see one of these jokers try to refute McClellan’s specific claims. They won’t because they can’t.

    Dole’s e-mail points out, “if all these awful things were happening, and perhaps some may have been, you should have spoken up publicly like a man, or quit your cushy, high-profile job.” Because McClellan didn’t do either, but such heinous atrocities were occurring on his watch, it renders his account highly suspect, and him a contemptible person to allow those atrocities to take place and profit off them years later rather than change them when he had the chance.