Um… open thread?

Sorry for the lack of blog posts today. Becky says my readers are going to be worried that I’m dead. :) Don’t worry, I’m alive. I’ve just been busy. But I haven’t been reading too many news articles, or blogs, today. So I guess I’ll just open the floor for discussion of whatever y’all want. The Voter ID case? Jeremiah Wright? Miley Cyrus? Whatever. Go nuts.

P.S. On Reverend Wright, quoth Andrew Sullivan:

Wright’s cooptation of Obama for his own agenda – his assertion that Obama’s distancing from him is insincere – requires, in fact demands a response from Obama.

Obama needs not just to distance himself from Wright’s views; he needs to disown him at this point. Wright himself, it seems to me, has become part of what Obama is fighting against: the boomer, Vietnam era’s obsession with its red-blue, white-black, pro and anti-America fixations. That is not what this election needs to be about; and Wright’s massive, racially divisive and, yes, bitter provocation requires a proportionate response.

We need a speech or statement from Obama in which he utterly repudiates this poison, however personally difficult that may be, however damaging the impact will be. The statement today will not do it. This is no longer about cynics trying to associate one man’s politics with another. It is now about Wright attempting to associate himself and some of his noxious, stupid, rancid views with the likely Democratic nominee. Wright has given Obama no choice – and he has also given him another opportunity. [Obama] needs to seize it.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I want Becky’s take: Is Miley Cyrus the second coming of Britney Spears?

  2. Guy says:

    What ? The I have a Jeremiah speech warn’t enough ? I thought it was time for an honest, crazy uncle, racist typical white grandmommy, drag out share and care national conversation.

  3. Aycee Eliu says:

    Let’s just stop wasting money on voter ID litigation and give liberals a 10,000 vote head start in every state election. That or let felons and illegals vote early and often. That or just refuse to prosecute ballot stuffing (if done by liberals). We need solutions to the chronic problem of low liberal voter turnout, not litigation. Who’s with me ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    If I were Obama right now I would be thinking


    What was once a pot hole is now the GRAND CANYON

    Democrats… their own worst enemies.

    I love that :)

  5. JD says:

    Brendan, some district convention news: Iowa had district conventions last week and gave 16 delegates to Obama, 9 to Clinton…and 4 to Edwards. There are 17 left to be picked from Iowa not counting the 11 supers.

  6. Leanna Loomer says:

    The increasingly bizarre behavior of Hillary Clinton reminds me more and more of Ralph Nader in 2000, and if she keeps it up, it will throw the 2008 election to McCain. I was a — somewhat reluctant — Hillary supporter in the earlier contests, but she is in danger of pissing away her husband’s legacy just as George W. Bush has that of his father, his uncle Prescott, even the part of the family that makes baked beans.

    I hope she isn’t counting on my vote.

  7. Jules says:

    And now for some news that helps you to believe in humanity again…from the world of sports:

  8. Jules says:

    Yikes, lemme try this again. Okay, cool…link is on my name (obviously).

  9. Andrew says:

    Beautiful story. Thanks, Jules.

  10. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Rev. Wright is eccentric and uses inflammatory remarks. However, I don’t get the whole “guilt by association” thing being heaped on Obama and not on Hillary Clinton and John McCain as well. As far as I know, Wright hasn’t broken the law. Furthermore, Wright hasn’t broken the law with the assistance and/or protection of Barack Obama. Can you say the same for Hillary “James McDougal” Clinton and John “Keating Five” McCain?

    You can throw Rezko out there if you want. But I believe if you look into it, the McDougal and Charles Keating situations are a lot more damning for Hillary and McCain than Rezko is for Obama.

  11. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Since this is an open thread, here is a video of New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman getting hit with a green pie on Earth Day…

    …I’m not a huge fan of Friedman. I don’t like anyone who praises the economic efficiency of a dictatorship like China, ignoring the fact people used to say the same things about the German economic miracle under Hitler. However, I think what the students did amounts to assault. I think both should be kicked out of the University. Attacking someone isn’t “free speech”, even if it is with a pie.

  12. Marty West says:


    I don’t think they were students.

  13. MumZ says:

    I watched much of the Rev Wright’s CNN “exposure” yesterday, and I found it to be hugely entertaining. I thought he was a tremendous talent, quick on the draw, engaging, and very sharp. He brought a number of issues out…

    One point that needs to be made- I know that I do not pick my friends for their personal views- and I enjoy being able to hear what people think- people who have views that may not be the same as my own. Does that mean that if I ran for political office, I would have to give up those friendships because their views might not be PC?

  14. dcl says:

    I should think that requiring a photographic identification card from a voter in order to vote is legal and constitutional if AND ONLY IF one can get a photo voter identification card for free.

    Proof of citizenship is required in the state of Virginia for voter registration and you receive a voter identification card from the state of Virginia that is valid proof of identification at the polls (and I have tested this, it does work, it is the only card you need). It seems imminently logical that proof of citizenship is a valid requirement for registering to vote, so I don’t see anything wrong with that part of Indiana’s decision. At the moment the Virginia voter ID card does not include a photograph; however, if Virginia wanted to start putting pictures on this free card, I would have no problem with that decision.

    In my opinion, and the way I read previous Supreme court decisions and the Constitution, there should not be a monetary cost associated with registering to vote and voting. This does not me there should be no “cost” involved in voter registration etc.. Citizenship, after-all takes time effort and involvement in the democratic process — it is not unreasonable to ask someone to invest some time in the process of registering to vote so long as all voters are asked to invest similar amounts of time, and there is not regional disparity in terms of the efficiency of registration, or training of employees etc. etc. etc.

    That said, if you require someone to go to the DMV and BUY an identification card in order that they may vote, that is unconstitutional. If you require them to go to the DMV and obtain a identification card free of charge that they can use to vote, that is fine. If you charge a fee for the driver’s license and not the identification card, also fine, after all, extra privileges come with the drivers license.

  15. Barack Poembama says:

    Today I woke up

    and my campaign was gone

    the tide turned in her favor

    through no fault but mine, and those I ought have disowned.

    First Wright and now Sharpton

    I see blood in the water.

    I think I sincerely want-ed Change

    but they thought better.

    Cause their power and prestige

    their money-making machines

    depend since late 1960s

    on not reconciling anything.

    Had they their true druthers

    Time ne’erd march on.

    We’d always be one day out

    of Crow and ‘Mancipation.

    Cause Race is a product

    to Rev. Wright and Bro’ Al.

    One Sells it on Sunday,

    The other screams ‘***mie Town!’

    As long as we suffer,

    Black, Yellow, and Red,

    They’ll keep selling sorrow

    and reap profit margin.

    Twas once a theory out there

    That Hill would hire-hit me;

    kill me so I could be fodder

    for her 08 Prezid’ncy.

    But I’m thinking ‘less likely’

    or at least ‘not alone’

    cause I’d guess right now th’ shooter

    might be Jer’ and Al Sharpton.

    They don’t know how to live

    in a world without the King

    who succeeds to the crown

    instead of dying pre’turely.

    They’ll make me their martyr

    a role I did not expect

    So they keep selling radio,

    books, and collection plate.

    I feel a betrayal

    I had true ideals

    Am I liberalism Golden Child ?

    Or its next victim ?

  16. Youngblai says:

    I think the voter ID card, albeit a free one as dcl pointed out, is a good thing for many reasons. Getting a voter card demonstrates at least a minimal gate of responsibility in order to vote. Likewise, requiring said cards will greatly hinder voter fraud–don’t see the dead showing up with voter ID in hand. Finally, in that same vein, it will likely help restore some degree of legitimacy to elections. Considering there are people who still say that zombie voting is how Kennedy won the ’60 election, I’d dare say anything which keeps us from hearing about how ____ cheated for several decades is A-ok with me.

    The Dem race just gets uglier and uglier. Can’t we just bring in Tina Turner, a steel dome, chanting crazies (maybe some “bitter” bowlers?), sputtering chainsaws, and a mix of edged weapons to settle this? I mean, Hillary’s already offered to debate without moderators and shown up on a wrestling–I think Obama should up the ante. Heck, the winner could even adopt a new campaign song:

    I’m only half joking on this, as I think by this point just about anything other method of settling things is going to splinter the Dems. Maybe I’m just cynical, but I really don’t trust the GOP to manage itself anymore after the last few years. I’m not sure McCain is Bush’s heir apparent, but I _am_ confident the man brings his own set of problems to the party. See McCain-Feingold and his utterly unapologetic stance regarding it before, you know, he was actually running for President.

  17. Youngblai says:

    Oh, and in case no one gets the larger cultural reference:

  18. Aycee Eliu says:

    I thought Thunderdome was going to be what happened AFTER barack or hillary became president. I think Michelle would make a great Tina, but Hillary could do the part too. Bill could be her chained societal reject. Who would Obama be ?

  19. copndor says:

    “let felons and illegals vote early and often.”

    I once had a conversation with an Irish citizen who thought that the number one strangest thing about American democracy was that felons could not vote, “given that they are the ones who need the reforms the most,” he said.

    “I watched much of the Rev Wright’s CNN “exposure” yesterday, and I found it to be hugely entertaining. I thought he was a tremendous talent, quick on the draw, engaging, and very sharp.”

    I still think that Reverend Wright is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. I also think that as November nears, more people will be taking this position, as folks start to see the soundbites as, well, soundbites.

  20. B. Minich says:


    Sorry, wrong old movie. But . . . its still true.

  21. October Souprise says:

    As November nears, Rev. Wrights book will hit the shelves, giving us more insane ramblings just in time. The soundbites will appear as they are, well, soundbites . . . of a much larger meal enjoyed by all.

    AIDS as genocide. The man is insane. I love him.

  22. Ex-Felon says:

    Yeah ! I need reform. Where’s my reform ? Will it come in the same envelope as the welfare check ?

  23. Joe Mama says:

    My favorite “soundbite” of Wright’s was his analysis of the differences between white brains and and black brains. If it sounded a lot like The Bell Curve, that’s only because, you know, it was taken out of context . . .

  24. Youngblai says:

    B. Minich,

    Well, I figured telling Obama to make sure he took Hillary’s head was a bit crass, but I won’t at all be surprised if there’s a quickening at the convention in August. Indeed, that’d be the only way I’d be sure of not seeing the Kurgan, er, I mean Hillary again in ’12 if I were Obama.

  25. copndor says:

    The bottom line is that Republicans are wasting their time on Wright. It’s a side issue, won’t last until November, and it’s preventing a substantial critique of Obama on policy. The policy debate is a better argument for Republicans, but so far the argument has only been advanced as far as a one-liner: he’s the most liberal voter in the Senate.

    The reason why Republicans won’t win on Wright is because if, on the one hand, they paint Wright as an extremist, then it will provide an unconvincing case that Obama’s positions are close to Wright’s, since most folks consider Obama to be a pretty normal, likeable guy. Yet they need to paint him as an extremist in order to damage Obama.

  26. Newt says:

    Republicans are likely to win on Wright. Not because Republicans are arguing Obama agrees with Wright, but because they would posit that Obama has been substantially influenced by Wright’s lunacy, or Obama has poor judgment in selecting allies. If it were a Republican associating with a foil to Wright’s lunacy on the level Obama has, no amount of repudiations and MoveOn.Me speeches could save that Republican’s candidacy. Obama, as we know, is so dumb that he compares an unrepentant ex-terrorist friend (Ayers) to a respected conservative friend (Coburn) in defense of his friendship of the former.

    Obama is woefully underprepared to be president. Wright is just the tip of the iceberg. Obamaphiles who fail to realize this will help dig Obama’s grave with their loyalty.

    Love you Liberals.

  27. Newt says:

    Case in point.

    Good luck Barry. But I think it’s too late for your faux progressivism.

  28. copndor says:

    First, Republicans are not likely to win in November, much less to win on Wright. Second, an argument that Obama has been substantially influenced by Wright’s lunacy will fail, since most folks consider Obama to be a pretty normal, likeable guy. Third, an argument against Obama’s selection of allies might have some pull, since his notion of judgment is crucial to his narrative. Republicans are wasting their time with Ayers, since Obama has pretty successfully fended it off (last time on Fox News). If the Republicans are to make headway with Wright, they should play the judgment card on Obama, instead of relying on the claim that Obama has been effected by Wright’s lunacy.

  29. Newt says:

    I agree. I can’t wait for Republicans to take aim on Obama/Liberalism’s policies. Of course, sadly we are represented right now by John “Pleasetheleft” McCain, who only likes directing his anger at his own party when it disagrees with his course, so I am not holding my breath on a fight of policy. Obama would lose that one though, so I doubt he is looking forward to it either.

    If a candidate could actually wake up the selfish and ignorant voter hearts to the reality of liberal policy and how its fundamental premise is legal theft from the well-earned, freedom loving people would never put democrats in office again. But of course, politicians have to feed the beast even while they promise to defeat it, so the populace continues to believe that their precious benefit programs come from government’s coffers and not their neighbors’.