Trustee donates $15 million to NDLS

More good news from Notre Dame Law School:

Robert F. Biolchini, a member of the University of Notre Dame Board of Trustees
and partner in the Tulsa, Okla., law firm Stuart, Biolchini & Turner, and
his wife, Frances, have made a $15 million gift to the University to help
underwrite the renovation of the current Notre Dame Law School building. …

After a comprehensive renovation of the existing law school building, which
will be renamed Biolchini Hall, it will house an expanded Kresge Law Library.
The renovation in Biolchini Hall also will include two 50-seat classrooms, new
space for Notre Dame Law Review, and new offices and work space for admissions
and career services. The exterior of the building, including masonry, windows
and roofing, will be restored where necessary.

A covered archway will link Biolchini Hall to the adjacent Eck Hall of Law, a
three-story, 85,000-square-foot building that is under construction on the site
of the former campus post office. Eck Hall will be composed primarily of a new
moot courtroom, classrooms and faculty offices. When it is completed in January
2009, law school operations will be moved out of the existing building and
renovation work will begin.

“The combination of Biolchini and Eck Halls will give Notre Dame one of the
outstanding law school facilities in the country,” said Patricia A. O’Hara,
Joseph A. Matson Dean of Notre Dame Law School. “On behalf of all law school
faculty, students and alumni, I want to offer my deepest thanks to Bob, Fran and
their family.”

Hmm… Biolchini Hall and Eck Hall, connected by a covered archway. Hey, how much does it cost to build a covered archway? We should put together a blog fundraising campaign, and get it named the "Irish Trojan Archway." ;)

6 Responses to “Trustee donates $15 million to NDLS”

  1. Becky says:

    Only if we can hire Ian McKellan to stand underneath it and say “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” on the hour. :)

  2. Patrick says:

    Hell would freeze over before the ND Nation would allow the term “Trojan” to be included in the name of a building at Our Lady’s University. There would be a capital campain to outbid you so large that the leftover funds would feed and clothe everyone in Africa.

  3. B Nichs says:

    Sweeeeeeet! Thank you Mr. Biolchini!