The Shirt

The Shirt 2008 is out. It was unveiled yesterday. (Hat tip: Lisa.) The money quote is “NOTRE DAME WILL RISE AGAIN,” which seems appropriate.

Domersphere reactions? Her Loyal Sons hates it. Rakes of Mallow likes it, although he wishes it was green. Blue-Gray Sky thinks it’s “pretty good.” Of course, it features the famous quote about “the blue, gray October sky” that BGS is named after, so they would like it. ;)

10 Responses to “The Shirt”

  1. Scientizzle says:



  2. David K. says:

    Ahhhhhhhh zombies!!!!

  3. copndor says:

    It’s better than the stuttering slogan:

    “Rerererererereturn to Glory”

  4. Andrew says:

    Notre Dame is lame again!

  5. David K. says:

    Come to think of it, isn’t that basically the phrase that was used by pro-Confederates after the Civil War? “The South shall Rise Again” if i recall? Does Notre Dame really wanted to be associated with that group and with the results that group achieved?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I got a joke version of The Shirt emailed to me a few days ago. The front said, “Our Father who art in Heaven,” and the back said, “Please don’t let us have another 2007.” That would have been awesome.

  7. thomas says:

    I wish The Shirt Committee had outsourced the project to more talented designers and apparel-minded individuals.

    This shirt features a typewriter typeface, poor typographic hierarchy, and slaps it on a VERY dark navy blue shirt. They should really start to focus on building the design around a green spirit shirt.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “I wish The Shirt Committee had outsourced the project to more talented designers and apparel-minded individuals.”

    That would be a bit against the spirit of The Shirt which, after all, was a tradition started by students trying to raise money for the medical bills incurred by a classmate with leukemia. If we’re going to hire a professional to design it, why not get corporate sponsorship too? And have a “special edition” Shirt just for big donors?

    I think they shy away from green because of the Willingham association, and, in fairness, blue was the most frequent color choice in the early years of The Shirt.

  9. thomas says:

    I never said throw it the way of professionals. I suggested the committee include individuals with a stronger design taste so the final product doesn’t look ridiculous. I’m saying this as a design alum of Notre Dame. You can surround yourself with some strong design minds of ND– students and faculty– not professionals. And who knows, you might actually raise MORE money with a better designed product.

    You need to slow your hyperbole-ridden argument down a tad. I don’t think it should be corporate-sponsored. I don’t think it should have a big, fat adidas mark on it. I’m saying I think it’s possible for a well-designed shirt to be created, with strong typography and imagery, entirely BY students. But when you design by committee, you have far too many cooks in the kitchen and far too many poor design ideas.

    They shy away from green shirts because statistics their committee has tells them sales decrease if you put out shirts with similar colors consecutively. But I’ll tell you one thing– more people will buy a good looking shirt in green every single year than will buy average shirts in alternating colors each year.