SoCal VoCals are world champs!!

The International Championship of Collegiate A Capella was tonight in New York City. I don’t know yet how the SoCal VoCals did. I assume The A Cappella Blog will have results up soon. Go VoCals!!!


Congratulations, VoCals!!!

UPDATE 2: The A Capella Blog writes: “The SoCal VoCals’ winning set gave them perhaps the best-deserved victory I’ve ever seen at an ICCA show. This is the sort of set that needs to be seen to be believed and I am proud to have been a witness to something truly fantastic. Believe the hype — this was probably the best competition set I’ve ever seen.”

2 Responses to “SoCal VoCals are world champs!!”

  1. David K. says:

    Hail, all hail to thee!

    p.s. if you can find a way to embed this Brendan feel free

  2. Brendan Loy says:

    Even better, I found a YouTube clip and embedded it in my new post. :) Good idea, David, thanks!