Respect the world champion SoCal VoCals!

Back in 2002, I griped in print that the Daily Trojan was ignoring the SoCal VoCals’ newsworthy march to musical glory. (For the uninitiated, the VoCals are USC’s premier a capella group, and I am a proud ex-groupie.) That year, alas, they fell just short of the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella finals. But six years and a world championship later, the VoCals are finally getting some front-page DT love.

Here’s the article. Money quote: "It was absolutely beyond any of our wildest dreams," baritone Adam Hutchison said of the group’s performance Saturday in New York City, which earned them the ICCA title (and a live appearance on the Today show Sunday morning).

The DT notes that the VoCals’ winning set included Michael
Buble’s "Feeling Good," Singers Unlimited’s "All the Things You Are"
and Queen’s "Somebody to Love." The A Capella Blog described it as "probably the best competition set I’ve ever seen," and the judges seemed to agree, giving it a whopping 454 out of a possible 465 points. For comparison purposes, the ICCA champs in 2007, 2006 and 2005 won with scores of 431, 422 and 372, respectively. Moreover, 454 points is the second-highest score of this entire ICCA season — second only to the VoCals’ own near-perfect 463 performing the same set in the semifinals. The 437 earned by Florida State University All-Night Yahtzee at the South semifinal is a distant third. (All-Night Yahtzee finished a very distant second at Saturday’s final, with a 384.)

No cameras were allowed in the Lincoln Center for Saturday’s final, but YouTube has video of the entire Western Regional semifinal, including the VoCals’ 463-point set. So here, without further ado, are the three songs that brought home an ICCA world championship to USC:

Fight on, VoCals!

P.S. And speaking of "Fight on," here, in the interest of school spirit, is a video from this past fall of the VoCals performing their signature medley of the Alma Mater, Tusk, and Fight On, with a SoCal Spellout and some "UCLA SUCKS" thrown in good measure:

6 Responses to “Respect the world champion SoCal VoCals!”

  1. becky says:

    it’s hard to capture the coolness.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m amused by the fact that this was their highest scoring set of songs ever, and yet it’s much less to my taste than the vast majority of sets I’ve seen them perform.

  3. Kristy says:

    i’m a groupie too. i went to see them perform at stanford during spring break of my junior year. i even drove up there and went by myself–that’s dedication! :)

  4. Brendan says:

    Kristy, you’re talking about 2002, right? I was there too! Did we meet up? I forget. Anyway, I can top you on dedication: I didn’t even have a car, and I made my way to the ICCAs! :) After Becky and her parents (with whom I had spent the bulk of spring break in the Bay Area) left to head back to USC, I hung out at my hotel for a while, then went to the VoCals’ pre-ICCA meeting spot by train and bus, where I proceeded to hang out with them at their rehearsal and take pictures (this whole thing was for a photojournalism project, though really, I just wanted to be a super-groupie), then ride with them in one of their cars over to the performance site. Afterwards I walked to my hotel, which was right near campus, and then took Caltrans and then Amtrak back to USC the next day. :)

  5. Mike says:

    Heh, while I made it to all the SoCal Vocals concerts at USC while I was there, I didn’t see them perform elsewhere until I was at Stanford. I then saw them perform there a few times, but it’s not the same as traveling to see them.

  6. Andrew says:

    I wish my computer at work had sound. :-(

    I have you all beat — I used to live with two members of the SoCal Vocals. Booyah!