Other things Barack Obama isn’t ready for

As I mentioned earlier, Hillary Clinton released a TV ad yesterday implying that Barack Obama isn’t "ready" to deal with such unpredictable events as a stock market crash, a world war, a cold war, a gas shortage crisis, the fall of the Berlin Wall (wait, wasn’t that a good thing?), or a devastating hurricane, nor to contend with such unsavory characters as Fidel Castro and Osama bin Laden.

It’s an interesting argument, but Senator Clinton is clearly leaving some things out. For instance, as I wrote this morning, the appearance of unexplained light formations over Florida and Arizona obviously leaves Obama vulnerable to the charge that he’s not ready to protect Americans from UFOs. (Alas, if only Kucinich were still in the race! This could be his moment!)

But that’s not all. Jimmy Kimmel, apparently taking a brief break from f***ing Ben Affleck, helpfully points out some other possible calamities that could befall America:

Is Barack Obama READY to protect Cleveland from Bigfoot???

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