Last chance to help Sara!

Last month, I blogged about Sara Crowther (née Alpsan), Becky’s high-school classmate who is competing in an online contest that could result in her getting to sing on-stage with Rascal Flatts (and getting backstage passes and all sorts of other cool stuff). If Sara gets into the Top 10*, she’ll be eligible to be hand-picked by the band — and she stands a really good chance if that happens, as she’s pretty clearly the best singer of the bunch.

At the time of my previous post, she was ranked #14. Votes, views and comments from the Irish Trojan crowd helped boost her to #12… but now she needs a final push before the deadline at 11:59 PM tomorrow night. That’s where y’all come in (again). Vote for Sara! And while you’re at it, leave a comment, pass on the link, etc. Pretty much any activity gives her "viral points" that help her climb up the charts. As she explained on the previous post: "you can vote once every 24 hours as a member or once every few hours as
a guest. … If you create a member name your vote counts for more and you
can rate the reviews as helpful or not which gets more points."

Anyway, here’s her video:

Thanks, everybody! Good luck, Sara!

*Actually, it may be enough to get into the Top 11, or even to stay in the Top 12, according to rumors that one or two of the current Top 10 are actually ineligible due to age and/or residency requirements. But regardless, Sara needs our support!

One Response to “Last chance to help Sara!”

  1. Marty West says:

    Rascal Flatts = teh suxx

    I still voted though.