Alan Keyes loses, again

Eternally entertaining wingnut Alan Keyes, who finished ninth in the Republican presidential race — behind McCain, Huckabee, Romney, Paul, Giuliani, Thompson, Hunter and Uncommitted (but ahead of Tancredo!) — left the GOP earlier this month and decided to seek the Constitution Party nomination for president instead. Well, over the weekend, Keyes lost the CP nomination to anti-war radio host Chuck Baldwin. Reason‘s Jesse Walker calls it "a small but satisfying victory for two noble though possibly lost
causes: the movement to end the occupation of Iraq and the
transideological coalition to get Alan Keyes to shut up." Heh. (Hat tip: Sully.)

3 Responses to “Alan Keyes loses, again”

  1. jlr says:

    Alan Keyes is a carpetbagging vote-drubber who is so whacked that he will take the people of predominantly liberal states (Illinois and Maryland come to mind), treat them like children, and then tell them that he’s got all the answers. I don’t even need to remind folks that he has distanced himself from his own daughter because she came out of the closet (or maybe because she has vocally supported his opponents…) There are few politicians whom I loathe: Alan Keyes is one of them. Good for the Constitution Party. I know nothing at all about Chuck Baldwin, but if he toes the usual line taken by the Constitution Party, he’s a better man for the White House than Keyes. [/rant]

  2. jlr says:

    Yeah, and just so no one thinks I’m pro-Constitution Party (and flames me for it), let me just say unequivocably say that I am not, nor have I ever been, a supporter of the Constitution Party. All I’m saying is that Alan Keyes does not deserve the office and that him losing the election is a good thing.

  3. YoYo says:

    That fucktard is the reason we’re even talking about Obama today. Well, the IL GOP putting that fucktard on the ballot is the real reason, but Keyes and his lunacy pretty much guaranteed an Obama victory.