One ballsy tie

Is the key to Davidson’s success Kyle Whelliston’s tie?

Little did I know I was in the presence of talismanic greatness last year at BracketBusters!

On a more serious note, here’s Whelliston’s ESPN article on Stephen Curry, who, it bears repeating, is not only a transcendent superstar, but just a really nice and humble guy. Apropos of which, Whelliston’s Mid-Majority blog post about the Wildcats’ win over Wisconsin concludes:

We haven’t had a breakout basketball star like Curry in a generation, and he’s helping undo the damage that the past 20 years have done to the idea of basketball stardom. There are kids out there who are now 10, 11 years old, spending this afternoon in driveways copying the fallaway 3-pointer that gave Davidson that early lead at 13 minutes of the first half. Here’s hoping that they’ll keep emulating him, carrying themselves with perfect humility.

P.S. After Curry, who is a sophomore, led Davidson to their first-round victory over Gonzaga — that’s two upset wins and 63 points ago — Rush the Court wrote a post titled “Is Stephen Curry becoming a March legend?” which noted:

[Curry] isn’t a big-time NBA prospect (according to scouts) because he isn’t that tall, strong, or athletic. In fact his biggest attributes are his shooting and intelligence, which are two things the NBA scouts don’t seem to care about these days. We are assuming that his family is doing ok financially given the fact that his father (Dell) had a long and distinguished career in the NBA. When you combine all of that, it seems like he might be one college star who remains in college all 4 years. In this day and age, that might be enough to make him a legendary player in March by the time he finishes his college career in 2010.

I’d say Curry is well ahead of schedule on the “legendary player” bit. But it can always get better. Three years of this? Pinch me.

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