News flash

Apparently John McCain is American.

P.S. Meanwhile, it seems Hillaryland considers Indiana a must-win. Also, predictably enough, their line of attack against the growing Hillary-should-withdraw chorus (about which, more here) is to play the gender card: Leahy, Dodd, Richardson, etc. are the “big boys” trying to bully a woman. Ugh. What a shameless b.s. artist she is, truly.

8 Responses to “News flash”

  1. gahrie says:


    Come on. What do you think would be happening if these White, Democratic, men were trying to get Obama out of the race?

    Everyone from Farrakhan to Olbermann would be screaming racism.

  2. David K. says:

    Gahrie, there is a difference between outsiders and the candidate themself saying it.

  3. Condor says:

    John McCain: Ford Tough

  4. Leanna Loomer says:

    A is for the Ample things he gave Her,

    M is for the Million things he gave Her,

    E is for Everything he gave Her

    R is for the Raisins that he gave Her

    I is for the Interviews he gave Her

    C is for the Comments that he gave Her

    A is for All the things he gave Her

    Z is for the Zillion things he gave Her

    Put them all together they spell AMERICAZ

    Americaz, McCain and youuuuuuu

    P.S. We’re still working on that R.

  5. yea says:

    anyone remember when the ncaa tourney was played on neutral courts?

  6. anonamom says:

    What do you call yourself if you are a middle-aged woman who has always supported equal rights for women–may have even benefited from some unwritten affirmative action even, but you don’t support Hillary Clinton, mainly because since the mid 1990s you’ve thought she lacks integrity?

    Am I now a misogynist?

    Or intelligent? Insightful? Correct?

    (No, I’m not Peggy Noonan or Ann Althouse.)

  7. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    Hillary playing the gender card again. What a surprise.

    “Vote for me. I’m a victim!”

    What’s wrong with this picture? Why is anyone still voting for her, most of all women!

  8. Dave says:

    John McCain: Built Ford Tough… That’s pretty funny. In fact, you could use all the taglines from US pickup truck ads – even that awful John Mellencamp song, “This Is Our Country.”

    But then, maybe that explains why I like McCain so much: after all, I drive a Silverado!