Manhattan: Foley’s Pub bans “Danny Boy” for the whole month :)

And here you always thought March Madness consists merely of Basketball, Politics, and half-arsed-baked Recruitment Center Bombings in Times Square but OH No: now it’s Katie bar th’ Door to boot ~

It’s depressing, it’s not usually sung in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, and its lyrics were written by an Englishman who never set foot on Irish soil.

Those are only some of the reasons why a Manhattan pub owner is banning the song “Danny Boy” for the entire month of March.

“It’s overplayed, it’s been ranked among the 25 most depressing songs of all time and it’s more appropriate for a funeral than for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration,” said Shaun Clancy, who owns Foley’s Pub and Restaurant, across the street from the Empire State Building.

The 38-year-old Clancy, who started bartending when he was 12 at his father’s pub in County Cavan, Ireland, promised a free Guinness to patrons who sing any other traditional Irish song** at the pub’s pre-St. Patrick’s Day karaoke party on Tuesday.

…At least one patron at Foley’s was glad to hear the song was banned from the pub for the rest of the month.

The song is “all right, but I get fed up with hearing it — it’s like the elections,” Martin Gaffney, 73, said in a thick Irish brogue…

Well now Clancy & Gaffney do have a Point. “And I will HEEEAR, though Soft you tread A-buh-hove meee / And all my GRAAAVE, will Warmer, sweeter Beeee…” & all that sortof claptrap does become somewhat Cloying after a while. / Rather like the various putative Resurrections of the delegations from Michigan & Florida. :> / However in light of the **rich Reward offered, I just might nip down to Foley’s of a Tuesday for to present an “other traditional Irish song”, this one authored by John Keegan Casey (1846-70), a native-born Irish patriot, concerning the 1798 Wexford Rebellion, and incorporating all the requisite cultural elements of maudlin tear-jerking, rampant religiosity & fierce nationalism nicely Combined, don’t ye think? :} —

‘Twas in the town of Wexford
They sentenced him to die,
And ’twas in the town of Wexford
They built the gallows high,
And there one summer morning
When beamed the gentle dawn,
Upon that cursed gibbet,
They hanged my Carroll Ban.

Oh! he was true and loyal,
Oh! he was proud and fair,
And ’twas only nineteen summers
Shone on his golden hair,
But when his gallant brothers
Had grasped the pike in hand,
Where the green flag streamed the fairest
He stood for his native land.

I saw him cross the heather
With his bold companie,
And from the rising hill side
He waved his hand to me,
Then on my wild heart settled
A load of woe and pain,
Mo bhron!, its throbbings told me,
We’d never meet again.

He fought the Saxon foeman
By Slaney’s glancing wave,
But brutal strength o’erpowered
The gallant and the brave,
And in the flight that followed
That day of misery,
Sore wounded he was taken,
My Carroll Ban mo chroi.

Oh fhior ghear, that ever
I saw that dreadful sight,
His locks all damply hanging,
His cheeks so deadly white,
What wonder if my ringlets
Were changed from dark to gray –
Or if the blessed hand of God
Had taken my life away.

‘Twas in the town of Wexford
They sentenced him to die,
‘Twas in the town of Wexford
They built the gallows high ~
With form erect and manly
And a look of scornful pride,
For Ireland’s faith and freedom
My true love nobly died.

The meadow path is lonely
And the hearth it is cold and dim,
And the silent churchyard blossom
Blooms softly over him,
And my heart is ever yearning
For the calm that’s coming on:
When its weary pulse lies sleeping ~
Beside my Carroll Ban.

Whaddaya think? Worth a Guinness?

(Tip o’ th’ broad black brimmer to the Right Rev. Andrew Long ;>, former Honorary Chaplain to the Apprentice Boys of Derry :)

4 Responses to “Manhattan: Foley’s Pub bans “Danny Boy” for the whole month :)”

  1. Joe Mama says:

    In other Irish-related news, Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey said that Hillary Clinton had no direct role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland, and is a “wee bit silly” for exaggerating the part she played.

  2. Alasdair says:

    “and half-arsed-baked “ – isn’t it more “half-Ersed” ?

  3. Joe Loy says:

    Yer ‘arf right, Guv’n’r :}.

  4. Joe Loy says:

    Joe Mama, Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey can kiss my Irish erse :). Yes, I remember ould Davy from the days before he became high-&-mighty Nobelity ;). He was altogether Peerless back then. :>

    Actually there seems (not surprisingly) to be somewhat of an Orange-Green Split over Hillary’s role (if Any) in the runup to the Good Friday Agreement. John Hume, Trimble’s papist co-recipient of the Nobel, has said she Did play a substantive & significant part in Pushing for the settlement. U.S. Congressman Peter King (Republican and Repooblichaun of NY :) has stated similarly. / I gather that the Greenies feel Hil was a real Player in the Process, whilst the Orangemen sniff that she was naught but a Cheerleader for the nationalist agenda. / I suspect that Both are correct. :)

    Btw, in poking around for to find out the above I discovered that I had, inexcusably, overlooked the news that First Minister Ian Paisley will step down in May. I for one am going to Miss the wily, cranky & formerly Bombastic old coot :} ~ and More, apparently, than are many members of his still-unreconstructed Party, who’ve been Grumbling about yer man around the corridors of Stormont for quite some time now. More here, here, and here.

    Seriously, Paisley deserves credit both (a) for his Tenacity (not to say, Ferocity :) in holding out against Sinn Fein/IRA until they had complied with his legitimate demand that they Fork over the Plastique, the Mortars & the ould Thompson guns in exchange for a strictly-political seat at the table, AND (b) for his own political, and personal (i.e. physical), courage in then consenting to go into Government with the wild gaelic-speaking riffraff ;>. / He’s probably paying the Price for the latter now, in the coin of his sooner-than-planned Retirement. Nevertheless, here’s a man who after many decades devoted to bigotry, bullying & bluster ~ did the right thing. At the Moment he may be in bad odour with his party rank-and-file, but in the long Generations his fame will go down.