LSU contacts USC coach Tim Floyd

Not content with pissing all over USC’s football championships, now LSU wants to steal our basketball coach. :P

Floyd responded with a non-denial denial. I’m sure Les Miles will be rushing to the microphone any minute to castigate the media for reporting on such rumors when Floyd is busy trying to focus on winning a Pac-10 and NCAA championship. ;)

(Hat tip: Jay.)

6 Responses to “LSU contacts USC coach Tim Floyd”

  1. JD says:

    Asked on the Pacific 10 Conference teleconference whether LSU officials had contacted him, Floyd said, “I would give you the same response I’ve given you the previous five times you’ve asked the question: This is my last job.”

    As someone who experienced Tim Floyd’s abrupt jump from Iowa State to the Bulls, I have this advice: Don’t pretend that is the last word.

  2. DUP says:

    After the things we’ve seen down here with coaches, don’t believe anything.

    And don’t put your undershorts in a knot yet. I don’t think he’ll even talk with us…

  3. Jim says:

    Imagine – big, mean LSU picking on poor little defenseless USC.

    This all started because USC kept claiming they were THE 2003 NCAA national champions. Not co-champions, not AP title champions. And we LSU fans really didn’t appreciate USC pissing all over our BCS title.

    So, for the record:

    2003: LSU – BCS champions

    USC – AP champions

    2004: USC – BCS/AP/et al champions

    2007: LSU – BCS/AP/et al champions

    Let’s call it even, shall we?

  4. Andrew says:

    Dude, Jim, what rock did you crawl out from under? very few USC fans ever had a problem with LSU’s title; we’ve just demanded respect for our own. Last time I checked, it was the corndogs of LSU who funded a billboard next to the Coliseum denigrating the Trojans’ AP championship — not the other way around.

  5. David K. says:

    Even? LSU fans calling it even, is like walking up and punching a guy and then asking to call it even.

  6. Frozen UCLAN says:

    Do you gargle with vinegar & water? Why do Spoiled Children Alumnae think anyone would want to philandering second-fiddle coach? It truly is wonderful to watch the Timmy Tro-janes hop and point to the past… Alabama of the West Coast! Free OJ, Douche bag.

    OLSOW* We are LA Championship Sports