Happy Leap Day!

It’s February 29!

Some people today are celebrating their first birthdays since John Kerry was a presidential candidate. (Quite a few, actually. Apparently there are about 4.5 million Leap Day babies. Some of them even have a website!)

And, as the AP points out, this is the first Friday Leap Day (which I’m sure is significant, uh, somehow or other) since 1980, when Ronald Reagan was a presidential candidate, and the last until 2036, when Chelsea Clinton will be a presidential candidate. (Or at least, that’s what my sources at Diebold tell me.)

Anyway, it’s a good day to be a frog. Ribbit!

Also, if you’re a woman, today is traditionally considered a good day to propose to your man. If you’re a Greek woman, though, set that wedding date for next year; getting married during a leap year is apparently considered bad luck.

You can read about the history of Leap Year here.

4 Responses to “Happy Leap Day!”

  1. Marty West says:

    Happy Bissextile day everyone!

  2. 4-7 says:

    People who were born on Feb. 29. You do not have any less birthdays than anyone else. Your birthday just sometimes occurs in March. Add 365 days from this day and that’s your birthday next year. Now stop making the rest of us feel unspecial.


  3. Leanna Loomer says:

    Brendan, when Grandma Loomer was in the nursing home, her roommate Ethel turned 64 years old. As a leap-day baby, she celebrated her Sweet Sixteen.


  4. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Leap Day Babies are freaks who should be shunned by civil society. Jesus cured the lepers, but he stayed the hell away from Leap Day Babies (even though, I do believe, Leap Day hadn’t been conceived yet).