Almost March

It’s February 28, but who says “March Madness” can’t get started a little early? Check out this wild ending in New Britain, Connecticut:


It’s unlikely we’ll be seeing either Quinnipiac — which is better known for polls than for basketball — or Central Connecticut State in the Big Dance, but they’re certainly doing their best to whet our appetites for it anyway. Anybody else excited for next month?

3 Responses to “Almost March”

  1. B. Minich says:

    Doesn’t Quinnipiac do polls? I wonder if this has something to do with the primary elections. Obama or Clinton must be involved, or maybe McCain. I think any time I see a Quinnipiac poll, I’ll just call it the Bobcat poll, especially since I have a much easier time spelling Bobcat than Quinnipiac, especially off the cuff.

  2. Brendan Loy says:

    Great point, B. Minich. I just added a line to the post referencing the Quinnipiac Poll. :)

  3. Bobcat in Illinois says:

    Looks like the QU athletic departmant has you to thank for posting this on the internet…they’ve linked your blog under multimedia. Well done sir. Hope you get a huge boost in visitors!