Podcast suggestions?

Does anyone have any favorite podcasts that they would recommend subscribing to?

Just curious.

P.S. This is actually primarily Becky’s question (though I’m certainly interested in hearing people’s suggestions, too).

14 Responses to “Podcast suggestions?”

  1. David K. says:

    My friend does both the Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper to catch up on the days news, not thinking you would need that though :) There’s a couple good mac related ones out there. Macworld has some, YourMacLife is another popular one. iTunes has a lot you can subscribe to, i’d suggest searching on there.

  2. deanna says:

    my two favorites:

    this american life from chicago public radio. [self explanatory, really.]

    the take-away shows from la blogotheque. [video podcast of various bands putting on stripped down "concerts" as they wander the streets of paris and someone records it. awe-some.]

    the rest is essentially sports talk radio, ie espn’s pti. but i cant recommend those other two enough…

  3. Andrew says:

    I’ve never listened to the podcasts/vodcasts since I can hear him life, but if I couldn’t, I’d be addicted to Bill Handel. Give him a shot, I bet you’ll be hooked.

  4. Andrew says:

    *live not life

  5. Josh C. says:

    I listen to so many, I’ll have to categorize the suggestions:

    News/politics related:

    KCRW’s left right and center – a great balanced view on political happenings

    Le Show – Harry Shearer’s (spinal tap; Simpsons) take on news and pop culture

    Diane Rehm Show (esp. the Friday news roundup) a rare talk show that gets beyond the partisan talking points and has serious discussion about the issues of the day

    Search Engine – CBC weekly show that tends to focus on the internet and technology

    Music Podcasts

    CBC Radio 3 – daily songs and several other weekly shows that highlight Canadian indie music; Tends to skew toward the alternative/pop end but they through in a bit of everything; It’s become my main source of new music

    Irish and Celtic Music podcast – for my twice monthly serving of celtic music if you are into that sort of thing

    KCRW’s Morning becomes Eclectic

    Indiefeed – has several different podcasts for different genres of independent music

    Other Notables:

    WNYC’s Radio Lab: maybe it is the engineer in me, but I love this show. They tackle science topics (like how neurons work, or why we have to sleep) in a way that uses the audio medium to its fullest. If you are going to try one podcast, give radio lab a listen.

    Tiki bar TV: Video podcast with a very odd sense of humor. Certainly worth one look.

    Definitely Not the Opera: Sort of a canadian version of This American Life although much less serious.

    Hopefully some of these suggestions are useful.

  6. David P. says:

    ted.com – intriguing stuff from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). All very forward looking, completely non-political.

  7. Vicki from NJ says:

    My favorites are:

    For film (reviews, interviews, etc) – Filmspotting, Scene Unseen, KCRW’s The Treatment, KCRW’s The Business, Creative Screenwriting, Watching the Directors

    For music –

    NYUB (Not Your Usual Bollocks), Coverville

    Random –

    Bon Appetit Audio Podcast, Monocle, Escape Pod, Threadbangers, SmodCast (Kevin Smith’s podcast), NPR: Sunday Puzzle, Ask a Ninja (that one seriously never fails to make me laugh out loud.)

  8. Julia says:

    For something totally pointless and fun, http://cutewithchris.com

  9. kcatnd says:

    Comedy Central Stand-Up, Discovery Channel, and my favorite – National Geographic…they make awesome shorts for their free podcast.

  10. Scientizzle says:

    If you’re interested in science, through iTunes I’d suggest finding Scientific American’s Science Talk, Skeptoid, The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, the podcast version of NPR’s Science Friday.

  11. Anon says:

    Diggnation is my fave.

  12. anonamom says:

    Speaking of Faith from public radio with Krista Tippett is always thought-provoking. And another fave, People’s Pharmacy, has finally joined the ranks.

    (Oh, the things new-mothers-to-be think they’ll accomplish while they are caring for their infants…you are bringing back memories! But maybe podcasts can work. However, your baby needs you to be responsive, and my children and husband will verify that the last thing I am to them when my earbuds are in is responsive!

    Sweetie, when it’s 2 in the afternoon and you still haven’t gotten a shower yet, just know it is not a personal failing. There is a reason humans have lived in groups until recently, and why there is so much mental dis-ease, stress, now days…nuclear child care is unnatural.)

  13. MHiggo says:

    I listen to quite a few of the podcasts from the Manchester Guardian. Newsdesk and Football Weekly are my favorites.


  14. domerlawyer says:

    I listen routinely to the podcast editions of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (the NPR news quiz) and Car Talk. The NPR newscasts are by far the most popular on iTunes. I also subscribe to Indie Feed (one song by an indie artist per week). I can also recommend Provoke!, a radio show out of Baltimore hosted by a Jesuit priest that discusses issues of religion and social justice.

    I also subscribe to SmodCast but rarely actually listen to it. Coverville is pretty good if you stumble across a good artist.