The bet, 2007 edition

Two years ago, Mike Tran and I made a friendly bet on the USC-UCLA game, which, thanks to USC’s 66-19 win, resulted in Mike becoming a Trojan for a day.

Last year, we made another bet, and needless to say, things didn’t go quite as well for me. The Trojans lost 13-9, so I had to wear Mike’s UCLA jersey to our Professional Responsibility class, and publish a blog post about "Why UCLA is superior to USC." The latter was particularly galling because, as a rule, I like to be truthful and accurate in what I post on the blog. Posting such blatant lies was borderline unethical. ;)

Mike and I have made other friendly bets over the last two years on games of peripheral interest (USC-ND, ND-UCLA, UCLA-Gonzaga), most recently resulting in me officially owning him, but it’s when our undergrad alma maters meet that the stakes are highest — and in those contests, we’re each 1-1. Tomorrow, though, somebody will break the tie.

Here are the terms: If USC wins, Mike has to buy a USC car flag, and must put it (and keep it) on his car December 31 and January 1. So he’ll be driving around L.A. flying Trojan colors on the day before, and the day of, the Rose Bowl… muahahaha. He also has to get a picture, well in advance, of himself with the flag-adorned car, and send me a copy of said picture, so that I can set it to post automatically on the blog on January 1 (in case I’m in the hospital that day, which is a distinct possibility). Oh, and when he’s done with the flag, he has to send it to me, and I get to keep it.

If UCLA wins, I have to do much the same thing, but for a longer period of time — that’s our way of dealing with the odds, because USC is favored by 20 points, but we’re betting straight-up on the game. So if the Bruins are victorious, I have to buy a UCLA car flag and keep it on my car for seven days: to and from work on five weekdays and all day long on two weekend/holiday days. And I have to post a different picture of it on the blog (presumably via cell phone) every single day. (Ugh… that would be a nightmare, because I probably won’t be blogging much in late December and early January, so the homepage would most likely be dominated by pictures of the UCLA flag.)

If UCLA plays in the Rose Bowl, New Year’s Day must be one of the weekend/holiday days, unless we spend that day at the hospital. My end of the bargain is more flexible about the dates than his because of the uncertain timing of the baby’s arrival. (Obviously, Mike doesn’t want me to get credit for leaving the flag on the car while it’s parked at the hospital for 48+ hours, out of sight and out of mind.) But I have to do it at some point during bowl season. And, again, when I’m done with the flag, I have to send it to Mike, and he keeps it.

So there you have it. If USC loses, I’m sending Pete Carroll my therapy bills for the humiliation I’ll suffer from driving around town looking like a bandwagon fUCLA fan. Ugh. FIGHT ON TROJANS, BEAT THE BRUINS!!!

9 Responses to “The bet, 2007 edition”

  1. Angrier and Angrier says:


    It seems like your updates are fewer and farther between. Is the whole baby, family, job thing catching up with you?

  2. Becky says:

    I keep dragging him out on dates. Well, that and this week we had a cluster of prenatal classes and such, so he’s been stuck at the hospital with me and a bunch of other preggos. Mwahaha!

  3. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Better get those dates in now. The first year is kind of rough on the whole dating thing.

  4. JT says:

    I’ve seen you drive and Mike should be worried that you driving to and from work with a UCLA flag on your car will make everyone on the Tennessee highways hate UCLA fans.

  5. jlr says:

    Great bet. Becky, make sure you get lots of pictures if Brendan loses!

  6. Sandy Underpants says:

    Do they even make UCLA flags? I live in westwood and I’ve never even seen one. Then again, what is there to get excited about being a Bruin?

  7. Brendan Loy says:

    I think being a Bruin would be very exciting. You never know what your team might do this week. Lose to Utah, beat Cal, lose to Notre Dame, shut out Oregon… it’s like a crazy-ass roller coaster ride, or perhaps I should say a turbulent ocean voyage on the Good Ship Karl Dorrell!

  8. lex icon says:

    I’ll handle enforcement.

  9. Brendan Loy says:

    Oops! I forgot to mention you in the post. Part of our agreement was for you to be in the picture (taken in advance) of Mike with his Trojan-flag-adorned car. If you’re willing, of course. :)

    I should also note that the agreement doesn’t specifically provide anything about additional pictures of the car on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day… but, if you have the chance (I dunno what the parking situation at your office is), I certainly wouldn’t object if you happened to take some and send them to me. ;)