Nebraska picks Pelini over Gill

Nebraska’s new head coach will reportedly be LSU’s Bo Pelini, not Buffalo’s Turner Gill. YAY!!! (Hat tip: DUP and Scientizzle.)

They’re ecstatic over at

Hopefully this means Gill stays at UB and builds that program for at least a good while longer. He’s been mentioned as a possible candidate for some other openings (e.g. Duke, Wazzu), but it was widely believed that Nebraska in particular was the one job he’d drop everything for. If so, then the Bulls have dodged a major bullet. It’d be great to see them continue to build on this year’s improvement, with Gill at the helm.

UPDATE: No comment from Nebraska’s interim athetic director, interim coach, and possibly interim quarterback and interim kicker, Tom Osborne.

Meanwhile, it’s looking like a mass exodus from Baton Rouge, with rumors on the Internets saying that LSU head coach Les Miles already has one foot out the door, heading for to Ann Arbor.

4 Responses to “Nebraska picks Pelini over Gill”

  1. Mike's brother Matt says:

    Yay! Bo’s gone! Boo! Les might be leaving! Ahh! Too many emotions!

  2. Weston says:

    Thank god for great news, it’s been a worrying week keeping on top of every update.

  3. kcatnd says:

    Yay! Bo’s gone! Boo! Les might be leaving! Ahh! Too many emotions!

    Yeah, because LSU had such a crappy time with Bo and Les…Good luck with a new staff.

    Nebraska and Michigan should be very happy with how this worked out.

  4. Mike's brother Matt says:

    Bo’s been terrible as a defensive coordinator. With the amount of talent we have on defense, there’s no reason that we shouldn’t be able to get off the field. And, as my point above was trying to get across, losing Les would be very, very bad. But now it seems that isn’t happening, so double yay!