Man killed by exploding cellphone….or not

A story came out of Korea a few days ago, reported on by the blog Engadget, about the death of a quarry worker that was being initially blamed on his cellphone.  According to the story he was found dead with the remains of the burned cellphone in his pocket.  Of course it all sound a little suspicious and investigation by the local authorities found that the mans injuries were too extensive to have been caused by a possible exploding battery.  How extensive you ask?  Well since the actual cause of death was being backed into by a 15 ton hydraulic rig driven by a coworker, i’m guessing there were pretty severe. The co-worker who fabricated the story of hearing an explosion and finding the body, later admitted to the crime and is being charged with manslaughter.

So there you have it, even if your cellphone explodes it probably won’t do so with enough force to give you injuries equivalent to being hit by a 15 ton vehicle.  Don’t you feel much better now?

One Response to “Man killed by exploding cellphone….or not”

  1. Angrier and Angrier says:

    “Don’t you feel much better now?”

    Not if you happen to live next to a South Korean who drives a 15 ton hydraulic rig.