Last call for baby pool entries

Now that Becky is entering the last month before her due date, I am calling on her friends and family who have not already done so to enter the Irish Trojan Baby Pool today!  I am cutting off all entries at 12:00 midnight (Eastern) tonight

Why am I doing this?  Since the due date is usually only a "best guess," the baby is most likely to arrive a couple of weeks early, a couple of weeks late, or anywhere in between.  After talking to Brendan a month or so ago, we agreed that today would be the LAST day for entries.

Also note, guesses placed on this entry’s comments will not be counted.  Please click here (again, that’s here) to enter.

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7 Responses to “Last call for baby pool entries”

  1. dcl says:

    will we get an official calendar for the pool?

  2. jlr says:

    Dane, I will put one up over the weekend. I want to wait until after the deadline.

  3. PenguinSix says:

    Give us some hints. Were you or Becky early/late? How about siblings?

  4. Becky says:

    Brendan and I were both two weeks early, but I was a scheduled C-section. My sister was right about on time…I think. And my brother was about a week early.

  5. Alasdair says:

    Any Braxton-Hicks, yet ?

  6. Christine says:

    OK, I’ve already voted but let me clarify that if I win, I get naming rights, correct?