It’s Nutt-y in Oxford

Ole Miss has hired Houston Nutt to take over the head coaching duties for the nightmarishly bad Rebels football team.

3 Responses to “It’s Nutt-y in Oxford”

  1. Andrew says:

    “nightmarishly bad”? You seem to overstate your case when it comes to talking coaches and football, Jay. Ed Orgeron’s team has not done well the past three years, but the vast majority of their wins and losses were by very close, competitive margins. Orgeron was finally getting the recruits in place, but his recruits were just starting to see the field, and worst of all, he never had a consistent quarterback. Nobody can win games consistently without a legitimate, reliable QB (see: USC, Booty, Stanford, 2007).

  2. alphadog says:

    Some message boards report that Nutt was gettin busy with a local TV news anchor.

  3. alphadog says:

    insert your own pun/inuendo here