Dorrell blames Willingham Toledo

Karl Dorrell is begging for one more year as UCLA’s head coach. In the course of making his case, he says this: "I hate to say it, but the guy who was before me screwed it up for me. And I had to clean it up and then rebuild." That’s right, folks, Dorrell is blaming Bob Toledo, who was fired in 2002, for the Bruins’ continued woes. And you thought the Notre Dame fans still blaming Ty Willingham were bad!! And this is coming from Dorrell himself!! LOL!! Way to take responsibility. You stay classy, Coach Dorrell.

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Alas, while I personally would love to see Dorrell stick around as UCLA’s coach forever, I’m afraid it is USC’s sad duty to dispense with him once and for all tomorrow. Ah, well — it’ll be well worth it, of course, not just for the Rose Bowl bid, not just for the win over our hated rival, but also for the pictures of Mike Tran driving around L.A. in his sweet Trojanmobile on Rose Bowl day.


P.S. I checked the Bruins’ roster, and in case anyone was wondering, no, UCLA does not have any sixth-year seniors, so Dorrell can’t say he’s still playing with Toledo’s recruits. ;)

5 Responses to “Dorrell blames Willingham Toledo”

  1. Sandy Underpants says:

    There’s no question Karl is retarded, but he’s no excuse maker and he certainly isn’t begging for his job. He truly believes he’s building something better than what UCLA had when he got there. I don’t see it, but I already said he’s retarded. I don’t know how he could not understand why Alumns would take an ad out asking for him to be fired. Certainly after watching the failings of the Bruins the past 4 years you would have to want better for your Alma Mater.

    And on a side note he says he scored an 850 on the SAT and got into UCLA? My asshole classmates at the uber-obnoxious Chaminade (College Prep) High School in West Hills scored 1600 on their SAT’s and got rejected from UCLA. They said it was because they were white, but I think it’s because they didn’t play football.

  2. Andrew says:

    Didn’t the ‘ruins return like 20 starters this year? And he wants to blame Toledo for his failures?

  3. Wobbly H says:

    Karl Dorrell will never get hired again. In addition to these ridiculous comments, he also suggested that he is not being given a fair opportunity because he is black. This is not going to help the opportunities of black head coaches in football (and neither does hiring NFL position coaches like Dorrell and Willingham who are destined to fail while passing over quality coaches like Ron English.)

  4. David K. says:

    Come on Bruins, make me a happy man and hire Rick Neuheisal!!!