Bowling for mediocrity

Out of curiosity, is anyone excited about any of these projected bowl matchups?

I mean, not that Rutgers vs. Ball State in Toronto won’t be awesome… not that a UCLA-BYU rematch in the Las Vegas Bowl wouldn’t be thrilling… but it does sort of seem like the craziest college-football season in the history of mankind has left us with, at least on paper, a somewhat lackluster postseason. Of course, what’s "on paper" means nothing this year, right? But still.

Personally, if all of Mandel’s bowl predictions were to prove correct, here are the Top 5 games I’d be most interested in watching:

1. USC vs. Ohio State (Rose Bowl) – Well, duh. Though I wish it could have happened some other year — like, say, last year (ahem, cough cough, dammit UCLA) — when they weren’t going to be playing each other again a mere eight months later in the Trojans’ 2008 home opener.

2. LSU vs. Hawaii (Sugar Bowl) – I may be alone in being excited about this one, but I’d really curious to see what Colt Brennan & co. can do against the Fightin’ Hillary Clintons.

3. Missouri vs. West Virginia (BCS Title Game) – Just because it’s the championship game, so it gets some props by default. And, uh, spread option offenses and stuff, or whatever. Still, this one doesn’t exactly jump off the page and scream "record-breaking ratings," does it?

4. Oklahoma vs. Arkansas (Cotton Bowl) – This would be a 10-3 Sooners team, having lost two of its last three, playing a disappointing 8-4 Razorbacks team, so you know the bowl matchups are pretty weak tea when this is #4 on my list. Nevertheless, this seems like a fun matchup, if only because it involves a) Darren McFadden, and b) a decent opponent.

5. Kansas vs. Arizona State (Fiesta Bowl) – This would be a matchup between two teams that ended their seasons disappointingly, losing their final big games (Kansas to Missouri, ASU to USC), and both teams are kinda suspected of being fraudulent, so again, it’s sad that it’s ranked this high, but what game are you gonna rank above it? Illinois vs. Florida? Sorry, I really don’t care about hyped coaching matchups (Ron Zook vs. Urban Meyer, blah blah freakin’ blah). Texas Tech-Virginia? Oregon-South Florida? Wake Forest-UConn? Utah-Navy? At least the fan bases in the Fiesta Bowl would be thrilled to be in a BCS game (and in the Sun Devils’ case, a virtual home game).

What do y’all think? Am I missing some hidden gem in that list of potential bowls? Should I be jumping for joy over the potential opportunity to watch Clemson play Auburn? Will the epic Troy-Memphis showdown be Must-See-TV for some reason I haven’t contemplated? You tell me.

Of course, it might be just as well that the likely bowl matchups don’t look too exciting. Considering Becky and I are having a baby during bowl season, it might be good if there aren’t too many games that I really want to watch. That way, there’ll be less disappointment when I miss them all. :)

11 Responses to “Bowling for mediocrity”

  1. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Nothing beats the excitement of the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

  2. Sandy Underpants says:

    Ho’s Bowl

    USC vs. Georgia

    The best of the SEC vs. the best of the Packed-in. SC rolls, and the SEC whiners complain that it was a home game and UGA didn’t even win their conference and they lost to Tennessee by 40 points. Wa-wa-wa.

    Fiasco Bowl

    Oklahomo vs. Illyineyes

    Homo rolls.

    Sugamama Bowl

    Tennessee vs Boston Chowder

    400-10 Tennessee.

    Orange Juice Bowl

    Hawaii vs. Kansas

    Who the hell knows. I’ll say Kansas 56-19, and ultimately nothing is proved one way or the other.

    BullCrap Shitionship

    Ohio St. Vs. WV

    Ohio St. dies a death more embarrassing than last year. Something like 61-14.

  3. Scott says:

    Summed up pretty well Brendan. But, Oklahoma will beat Mizzou which puts tOSU vs WVU. Just because of tOSU’s fan base, a bigger national draw and a pretty good game, I think.

  4. jlr says:

    Let’s step back for a minute and consider the top few teams right now in college football…

    And now let’s think about the undefeated teams in college football…

    And finally, let’s think about how great an actual playoff would be here to determine who really is the best…

  5. Marty West says:

    The Patriots have been running a no huddle spread all season…minus the option…but the option is NEVER run in the NFL.

    It’s like this every year though…every year there is a new offensive scheme that people get all hyped about…except this year the offense is actually working, and working well.

  6. C. Bassett says:

    Have to say that I like all his New Year’s Day matchups except for the Gator.

    Going on down the list though, there certainly aren’t any games that stand out. Oregon vs. USF might have been an interesting game to think about earlier in the season, but not now.

    I really wanted to see Boise State vs. BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl- an extremely rare matchup between two ranked 2 loss teams from the WAC and MWC- but the Pac-10 decided not to cooperate and got enough of their teams bowl eligible.

  7. Alasdair says:

    Personally, I blame Glo-Bowl Warming !

  8. Brian Foster says:

    Off topic, but —

    Brendan, with all your internet superpowers, I think you should spearhead an online movement to draft Tony Blair to play the Muggle Prime Minister in Half-Blood Prince.

    Although technically, according to the unofficial timeline, I think the PM at the time was actually Major — so maybe he should be the second choice.

    Anyway, get on that, please, won’t you?


  9. Andrew says:

    I don’t know why you don’t find the bowl matchups compelling. As it is stacking up right now, every BCS game would be compelling for one reason or another. Unlike you, I think playing OSU is a great experience; the fact that they are on our schedule next year means nothing. Do you not get excited playing against Cal every year, or Oregon? It’s always fun to play truly great teams with truly great coaches, and OSU and Jim Tressel are not frauds like Michigan and Lloyd Carr.

  10. lexicon says:

    Holiday Bowl: Missouri v. Oregon State

    Go Pac-10!

  11. WBV says:


    Look at the following website (story below):

    USC News

    L.A. Memorial Coliseum Talks at Impasse


    An alternative lease with the Rose Bowl Operating Company is under discussion, USC officials say.

    By James Grant

    The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has hosted USC football games since 1923.

    USC confirmed today that it is seeking a lease agreement with the Rose Bowl Operating Company to host Trojan home football games at the Rose Bowl beginning Fall 2008.

    USC is seeking a two-year agreement with the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl Operating Company is planning to consider the USC lease agreement at the meeting of Dec. 6 of its Board of Directors.

    “Although we have been a faithful tenant of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for 80 years, we must now seek other alternatives for the good of our football program and our fans,” said USC Senior Vice President for Administration Todd R. Dickey. “The Coliseum has not benefited from substantive physical upgrades or preventative maintenance for more than ten years because the Commission has focused on attracting an NFL team that would renovate the stadium.”

    Dickey said that after several members of the Coliseum Commission requested that USC submit a proposal for a long-term lease, the university earlier this year engaged an outside firm, ISES Corporation, to conduct a thorough review of the condition of the Coliseum. Based on the report, USC offered to fund a minimum of $100 million towards the repair, restoration and substantial upgrade of the Coliseum. That offer was rejected by the Coliseum Commission.

    Dickey said that USC would continue to seek a long-term lease agreement with the Coliseum Commission.

    “Playing in a renovated Coliseum would be our first choice,” he said. “However, the Commission’s rejection of our offer to provide for improvements such as bathroom and concession upgrades, new seats, new gates, new lights, and a new sound and video system, has led to this step.”

    USC Director of Athletics Mike Garrett added: “We want our football program to stay at the Coliseum. But, as we all know, the Coliseum needs significant upgrades to provide fans with the Trojan game experience they deserve. We’ll keep working to stay in the Coliseum, but until we have full support from the Coliseum Commission, we’re forced to pursue the option of playing in the Rose Bowl.”

    USC began playing football in the L.A. Memorial Coliseum in 1923, playing the inaugural game in the Coliseum against Pomona College [USC 23, Pomona 7]. However, the university’s history with the Rose Bowl stretches almost one year longer: USC played the University of California Bears there on Oct. 28, 1922, in the first football game played in that stadium, [California won 12 – 0].