The Loy-o-sphere is a small world

Mike Tran, a.k.a. the Irish Bruin — you know, the guy who I own — called me this weekend to tell me an amusing story: he just discovered on Friday that he works across the hall from Michael Walsh, better known around these parts as Lex icon. Lex is a Trojan and Mike is a Bruin, so naturally, they were talking about the weekend’s football games… and in the course of that conversation, it came to light that they have a mutual acquaintance: me.

Heh. I’ve never met Lex icon in person, but now one of my law-school buddies has. What a world. God bless the Internet. Here’s a more detailed account of how they met (or rather, of how they realized who the other one is).

2 Responses to “The Loy-o-sphere is a small world”

  1. deanna says:

    speaking of small worlds…

    as a buffalo girl in nyc, i regularly read to keep up with the bills and the sabres. i clicked on one of kevin’s links to your site this morning [about the ub bulls] and was surprised to see none other than a picture of becky, a fellow sha girl, on the front page. i probably havent seen becky since at sha, however the laplante girls and v have kept me in the loop.

    so congratulations to both of you on the baby and please be sure to tell becky i say hello.

    small world indeed.

    –deanna schneider

  2. If you want to make any bets with Mike this year, I can carry out the enforcement and documentation of any payouts.