Tancredo won’t seek re-election

What a shame. Who now will call for nuking Mecca? … Don't get too excited, though. He's still running for president, and "if" he fails to win the nomination, he may run for Senate. Ugh.

3 Responses to “Tancredo won’t seek re-election”

  1. La Rev says:

    What the hell is the “Denver Daily News?” I’ve lived there most of my life and never seen such a thing.

  2. Brendan Loy says:

    The Denver Daily News is Denver, Colorado’s only free daily newspaper. It distributes 10,500 copies Monday-Friday in stores, coffee shops, restaurants and workplaces. Copies can also be found in the Daily’s distinctive blue boxes.

    Assuming a pass-along rate of 2.3 readers per copy, the readership of the Daily is 24,150 per day. The Daily’s freewheeling style and dedicated readership have helped it establish a niche unserved by The Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News. The Daily’s page count ranges from 32 to 64 pages per day. Major advertisers include auto dealerships, real estate developers, real estate agents, restaurants, grocery stores, apparel retailers and service providers.

    The Daily started May 10, 2001. Its offices were originally at 2950 West 29th Avenue in Denver. They are now located at 2330 Broadway, Denver. The publisher is Kirstie Hannon. The Denver Daily News is owned by Jim Pavelich who is a partner in the San Francisco Daily.”

  3. Andrew says:

    Against Ken Salazar? That’d be rich.