Playing catch-up

Between my own blogging and the dispatches from Notre Dame Stadium and the Carrier Dome by our four resident livebloggers, there have been a lot of posts in the last 24 hours, and a lot of ’em have already scrolled off the homepage. Somebody was asking me earlier how to go to “Page 2” to catch up, and I thought a few other readers might be wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, TypePad still doesn’t have pagination (grumble grumble), but there’s a reasonably decent alternative solution: the daily archives.

You can always get the current and recent daily archive pages using the calendar in the left sidebar. But I’ll make it easier: here’s the Saturday, October 20 page. It contains all of yesterday’s posts, and at the top, there are links to go backward or forward to the previous or following day. So there you go. :)

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