Baseball’s not over. What are you talking about?

Here’s what’s going on as of today in baseball.  If you thought that baseball was going away until spring, you were wrong.  :-) 

Have no fear, I’ll be keeping you all updated throughout the "off" season.

1.  Red Sox have their celebration for winning the World Series.  Woooooooo!  Go Sox!  World Champions!

2.  Joe Girardi has accepted the offer to manage the Bronx Bastards next season.  Replacing Joe Torre with Joe Girardi?  This should probably make Terry Francona’s life easier.

3.  Here is a (very) brief list of people who will be moving in the not-too-distant future because of free agency (other than Joe Torre): Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Torii Hunter.  A fantastic player, a pariah, and an above-average slugger.  My prediction: A-Rod will end up wherever Torre ends up, Hunter will likely go to the Yankees (assuming they can’t re-sign a good amount of their talent), and Bonds will end up being a DH in some small-market lineup (with a significant cut in pay) … if he’s signed at all.

4.  What is the future for Sox 3B Mike Lowell?  He has an impressive resume, and he more than deserves to stay in Boston.  Period.  So he’s a little older than the Sox might like, but let’s throw the guy a bone here: he was one of the most important pieces of Boston’s postseason run (6-for-15 with 6 runs and 4 RBIs in the World Series alone, including a solo home run that spelled the difference in Game 4).  In this fan’s opinion, Lowell needs to stay in Boston.

5.  See a complete list of  off-season free agents.  What I like about this site is that they also include free agents in the Japanese League.

4 Responses to “Baseball’s not over. What are you talking about?”

  1. Yanks Fan says:

    Torre has never been good with young players nor has been good handling a pitching staff. The change to Girardi can benefit the yanks especially if they are making a move towards youth.

    Why would the Yanks sign Hunter? If Abreu stays they already have 4 outfielders and Hunter would be the 5th. Even if Abreu leaves, they have Damon and Matsui for 2 more years each and Cabrera in center.

  2. Scientizzle says:

    I predict ARod ends up with the Cubbies and his ol’ boss Pinella. (Figuring out what happens to Aramis Ramirez or Ryan Theriot is tough, though.)

    I think there’s a shot that Billy Beane convinces his stingy owners that Bonds-as-DH is a smart investment for the A’s, especially considering he wouldn’t cost much more than the ill-fated Piazza project (83 games, .727 OPS, $8.5 mill).

  3. Andrew says:

    I don’t know where ARod will land, but my bet is he ends up not getting the $30M a year he’s asking for — especially if the Yankees and Red Sox are out of the running.

  4. JO says:

    I’d love to see ARod with the Cubbies. Aramis (0 for 12 with an .000 playoff average) Ramirez can go work the fry machine at McDs for all I care.