Bambi makes top 25 horror movie list

Nosferatu, Frankenstein, Carrie, those are horror movies, but Bambi?!?

5 Responses to “Bambi makes top 25 horror movie list”

  1. wolfwalker says:

    Yeah, actually, it is. A few years back Roger Ebert did a review of Bambi that went off in entirely the opposite direction from most: he pointed out that Bambi’s dad was never around when he was growing up, he had to fight for a mate, and then he abandoned her and their kid while taking off to pose on a hillside with suddenly-reappeared Dad. Ebert’s final assessment was:

    “Hey, I don’t want to sound like an alarmist here, but if you really stop to

    think about it, _Bambi_ is a parable of sexism, nihilism, and despair,

    portraying absentee fathers and passive mothers in a world of death and


  2. Doc says:

    The list has the same problem all of these lists have. They either come across as pop culture popularity contests, or fanboy lists of obscure foreign stuff that you’re not cool enough to have found on your own…

    Actually, this one isn’t that bad :). I do love me some Shaun of the Dead.

  3. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Seeing your mother killed before your eyes when you are a kid doesn’t qualify as a “horror” picture? I think it does.

    I remember kids crying in the theater when the father was killed during The Lion King as well. After the scene I went to the restroom. When I came out, a father was yelling at the ticket person demanding his money back while his little girl stood there crying. I still remember the teen behind the ticket counter saying, “Well, animals are killed in the wild all of the time” and the dad said, “I don’t expect to see these kinds of things in a Disney movie.”

    Guess he never saw Bambi.

  4. Josh Rubin says:

    Wow, I saw like 5 of these. Including Bambi. I went and saw Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat on YouTube (it’s only about 50 seconds long). You have to bend your mind a lot more to understand how that might be a horror movie than Bambi.

    Though I can see how this might be terrifying in 1896, it’s not anymore. For a bunch of people who had never seen a moving picture, I can only imagine how realistic it must have seemed (I’m reminded of the scene in Back to the Future: Part II where Marty is “bitten” by the holographic Jaws). But is La Ciotat “scary”?

    Let’s think about other films on this list for a moment before I answer that question. Alien, which is also on that list, isn’t really horrific to us today because of the special effects–though great when it was made, it’s not that scary today (at least to me).

    I think that a real “Horror” film makes you scared, regardless of how good (or bad) the special effects are. Like Carrie. I love that movie, and it scares me every time!

    As for Bambi, it is definitely scary, but it isn’t creepy throughout. Would I qualify it as “Horror”? No. Is it “scary”? Yes.

  5. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Alien is a horror movie when viewed from the standpoint of why Ridley Scott made it. He specifically set out to make a haunted house movie that would work in the age of Star Wars.