Tropical update

Another tropical storm, Melissa, has come and gone this weekend while I’ve been too busy blogging about college football to pay attention to the tropics. Also since my last update, Lorenzo has made landfall and died over Mexico, and Karen has petered out over the Atlantic. Alan Sullivan explains:

This season is just plain strange: it has brought an exceptional number of duds. Evidently long-range forecasters like Dr. Gray were half-right. Preconditions for a real storm-fest were present, but tropical systems have been snuffed by unusual upper winds that I began to notice in May. Only Dean and Felix escaped, running straight west at very low latitude.

Sullivan also thinks the National Hurricane Center is “getting sensitive to blogosphere charges of count-padding.” He notes a line in the discussion from when Karen was designated that he interprets as meaning, effectively, “Hey, guys, we didn’t even want to name this one, so back off.”

One Response to “Tropical update”

  1. gahrie says:

    Perhaps my idea of the Earth’s climate being a self-correcting system isn’t so far off?