Colorado stuns Oklahoma! [and Texas loses, too!]


HUGE win for the Colorado program, needless to say. It was 24-7 Sooners late in the third quarter, and 24-10 going into the fourth, but the Buffaloes scored 20 unanswered (17 of those in the fourth) to win it, 27-24. Wow!!

I’m super annoyed at myself for not watching. The game was televised here, but I had the TV on the Clemson-Georgia Tech game (on mute) because the OU-CU game wasn’t close the last time I checked. D’oh!

Anyway, now we probably won’t have to worry about any damn LSU-USC-Oklahoma controversy this year. Thank goodness. If the Trojans and Tigers both go undefeated, I’d love to have an undisputed title game between ’em. It’d put about four years of angst to rest.

I guess this means I’m rooting for Oklahoma against Texas next week. The more undefeated teams lose, the better! Not only to facilitate a possible USC-LSU battle, but also to facilitate a possible Rutgers or South Florida title-game appearance if USC is the only undefeated team left at the end of the season. (Obviously I refuse on principle to contemplate scenarios that involve USC losing. :)

P.S. Maybe I won’t have to worry about Texas: they’re losing 24-14 to Kansas State at halftime! Woo!!! Texas & Oklahoma suck!!! :)

UPDATE: Texas is going to lose!!! YEEEEEAAAH!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! Second year in a row they’ve lost to Kansas State.

But it looks like the Rutgers dream is going to die. They’re trailing Maryland 27-17 with 6:45 to play. This hasn’t been a good 24 hours for the Big East. First the #5-ranked Mountaineers, considered the conference’s one true “elite” team, loses in conference play, and now Rutgers, the presumptive class of the conference in the wake of WVU’s loss and Louisville’s collapse, is losing to a middling ACC team. Yuck.

UPDATE 2: Kansas State 41, Texas 21, final. Woohoo!

So much for next Saturday’s Red River Shootout having massive national-title implications. The Big 12 is now, in all likelihood, irrelevant to the BCS race. The Pac-10 and SEC have the inside track to the title game.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Auburn could stun Florida at the Swamp tonight? It would totally cap off the day. (And, um, you know what wouldn’t totally cap off the day? USC losing to Washington. Yeah. Let’s have none of that.)

Meanwhile, Rutgers scored a TD, and is within 3.

UPDATE 3: Maryland wins, 34-24. So much for the Scarlet Knights inserting themselves into the national-championship discussion. The remaining undefeated teams in the Big East are… Cincinnati, South Florida and UConn!

So, four Top Ten teams have been upset in the last 24 hours: #3 Oklahoma, #5 West Virginia, #7 Texas and #10 Rutgers. In addition, previously undefeated Clemson, Michigan State and Oregon lost today. So the Terrific 23 is down to 16 and counting. Still to play: #1 USC (at Washington), #4 Florida (vs. Auburn), #8 Ohio State (at Minnesota) and #24 Cincinnati (at San Diego State).

UPDATE 4: Another reason to like Colorado: their coach is a Great Big Sea fan!

18 Responses to “Colorado stuns Oklahoma! [and Texas loses, too!]”

  1. Scientizzle says:

    Dan Hwkins was a good hire for CU. It sure helped them land their frosh QB, Cody Hawkins.

    Who knows, considering how mediocre Nebraska looks after we pummeled ’em, Colorado could make the Big 12 title game…

  2. cdbavg400 says:

    Plus, Texas is currently losing to KSU at the half. I probably just jinxed it, but this might be an amazing day for those hoping for a USC-LSU title match.

  3. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    That sucks. I was watching it and the game seemed out of reach so I switched over to NASCAR. Bummer.

  4. LaRev says:

    This is the best I’ve felt as a CU fan in at least five years. Actually, the CSU win this season was pretty sweet…but not this sweet.


  5. Gulf Coast Bandit says:

    Thanks for the well-wishes, Brendan, we’re going to need them to beat Florida down in G’ville tonight. War Eagle!

  6. Scientizzle says:

    My wife is very much not happy with oregon Duck QB Dennis Dixon…

  7. Scientizzle says:

    And, um, it’s weird to see the UW throwback uniforms…Do you think Ty feels weird coaching a team wearing blue with gold helmets?

  8. Trisha says:

    Wow, that was really cool to read his blog. I think more coaches should do that. I’m glad to see he’s embrasing the technology of the 21st century and using it to his advantage!

  9. Josh Rubin says:

    Go Terps! W00t!!!!!

  10. yea says:

    i dont think rutgers had any business being in the top 10 to begin with. all 3 of the big east’s “top” teams have been proven to be overated, and i really dont think cincinatti is any good either. sfu might be the real deal, but i think most rational people can agree that big east certainly isn’t “underated”. its probably somewhere near the big ten or the acc but likely a bit behind, and its not in the same league as the SEC or the PAC-10. auburn is making sfu look pretty good so far tonight, id like to see how sfu finishes the season, because sfu has the most “upside” as a program in the big east.

  11. Mike's brother Matt says:

    So, I think I’ve been vindicated with my statement about OU being wildly overrated.

  12. Scientizzle says:

    I disagree about Cincy, yea, I think they’re a top-20 defense. The offense is hit-or-miss, but the defense is good.

  13. yea says:

    i think the defense is a reflection of who they’ve played. we’ll see how they do against the better teams in the big east.

  14. Brendan Loy says:

    Yea, as a rule I think it’s very difficult to use the results of conference play to prove that a conference is overrated. Just saying.

  15. Brendan Loy says:

    P.S. If Auburn beats Florida tonight, will you view that as suggesting that the SEC is overrated? Because Auburn beating Florida is basically the same thing as USF beating West Virginia, one of the “top 3” teams that you say have been proven to be overrated. All such a result proves, IMHO, is that the conference is deep and competitive, not that it’s overrated.

    Maryland beating Rutgers is a blow, though. I won’t deny that.

  16. yea says:

    im not sure your responding to exactly what i said brendan. i said the big 3 teams in the big east have been exposed as being overated. rutgers and louisville have had horrible losses, you could argue that wvu lost a tough road game in the conference but thats about it. i just said the big east is not underated, and i think thats correct.

  17. Brendan Loy says:

    yea, okay, I may have misread you or read too much into what you said. As for whether the Big East is underrated, I think it depends on whose ratings we’re talking about. Among some people who still think the conference is on par with the Mountain West and shouldn’t even have a BCS bid, who think its teams are “garbage” because of the names on the teams jerseys, it’s underrated. I fear the WVU and Louisville losses will fuel those people. But for those who think it’s below the Pac-10 and SEC but somewhere in the mix with the rest of the BCS conference, maybe #5 or #6 but certainly not WAY behind the others, I’d say those people’s opinions are reasonable.

  18. B. Minich says:

    I’m going to go with the “Heisman Trophy Commercial Jinx” as the explanation for the Big East’s fall. Basically, this weekend, during all Big East games, they’ve been airing a commercial celebrating their four Heisman hopefuls – Brian Brohm, Ray Rice, Pat White, and Steve Slaton. I first saw it during the WVU game, after WVU wasn’t looking good and Louisville was 1-2 already. Well, I saw it again during the Terps game, and sure enough, Maryland goes on to win. I think this commercial should be deleted, or those three teams will continue to suffer upset losses. ;)