Washington clobbers Syracuse

The Washington Huskies were supposed to win tonight’s season-opener at Syracuse — one of the few times they’ll be favored this year, given their brutal schedule — but a 42-12 shellacking of the Orange? That’s pretty impressive, and bodes well for their chances to at least make a bit of noise this season, even though they’re clearly going to lose a lot of games.

More broadly, this is good news for the Pac-10, which saw Oregon State beat Utah 24-7 yesterday, and now this. The big test, of course, is tomorrow night at 8:00 PM, when Cal hosts Tennessee. Five other Pac-10 teams are in nonconference action tomorrow too, including Wazzu at #7 Wisconsin and, of course, Idaho at #1 USC. The Cougars can lose (hopefully they’ll keep it close), but all the others had better win for the sake of the conference’s BCS reputation, as Chris Dufresne pointed out in the L.A. Times yesterday.

Tomorrow is, of course, college football’s real opening day, as reflected in my countdown bar at left, notwithstanding the dribs and drabs of made-for-TV mismatches that have been played in the last two days. (Average final score: 38-10.) Not that most of tomorrow’s games will be much better, what with such thrilling matchups as East Carolina at Virginia Tech, Appalachian State at Michigan, and Western Kentucky at Florida — and those are all before 1:00 PM! :) But still, 54 games in 12 hours is enough to get any fan excited, especially after the wilderness of the offseason.

Alas, my opening-day football-blogging will leave something to be desired, thanks to our visit to Buffalo and, specifically, the baby shower. It’s at 1:00 PM, and yes, I’m going: I’ve been informed I have no choice. :) Notwithstanding the stereotypically girly character of such occasions, there will actually be at least four males in attendance — and the shower is apparently going to be held in the TV room, so there’ll be no sneaking off to watch football. Hopefully it’ll be over in time to catch the Notre Dame-Georgia Tech game at 3:30 PM…

Speaking of which, I almost forgot… time for my ritualistic weekly incantations…

P.S. Over at ND Nation, an ‘SC fan dropped by to wish the Irish good luck against Georgia Tech, and throughout the season… except on October 20, of course. “AZDomer” responded: “I hope the earth opens up and swallows your entire school.” To which another Domer, “The Flash,” replied:

This world would lose one tremendous count of hot women were it to do so. It would not be worth it just because we have lost a few football games to their university.

Heh. Well, at least some ND Nation posters have some sense. ;)

5 Responses to “Washington clobbers Syracuse”

  1. Jay Johnson says:

    Ok, granted that Michigan should easily beat Appalachian State, given that Appie State is in what used to be known as Division I-AA.

    But, don’t count out Appalachian as a competitor. Those cats know how to play football, seeing as how they’re the two time defending national champs at that level.

    On terms of athletes, they shouldn’t be able to stay on the field with Michigan, who I credit for at least picking a team that’s at the higher end of DI-AA (I still don’t buy the changing of it to D-I with major college football being the BCS Division).

    I think that those fellows from Boone, NC should possibly put in a decent showing for themselves.

  2. David K. says:

    Bow Down to Washington. The Huskies didn’t just win that game, they dominated it, and while i agree we aren’t looking at a an easy schedule, I think it shows that this team has improved and that over the next few years the future looks bright.

  3. Wobbly H says:

    That, or that Syracuse sucks donkey dick. But Locker (what a beast–that’s a lot to try to bring down) and Rankin sure looked impressive. Of course, your extrapolations from this game may turn out to be correct, Davie, and I’m not saying they aren’t–just remember who your opponent was and just how horrible they are.

  4. David K. says:

    Well Wobbly may have a point, not sure who this “Davie” is he’s talking to though. But when a team who has struggled in the past against weak opponents is now able to not only beat but dominate them, I take that as a good sign. Of course unlike some fans of some programs I don’t expect overnight miracles.

  5. Wobbly H says:

    Absolutely, Davie. There is reason for celebration in Husky Nation this week, and I am certainly not suggesting that the fans of your program should express no enthusiasm–I mentioned two reason why you should. You also bring up a good point–last year’s Huskies did not put away Stanford in a similar way that they did Syracuse. On the road, even.

    Consider, however, whether you would feel the same way about Notre Dame if they beat Duke or Air Force by a similar score, with a similar performance from our likely starter, redshirt freshman Demitrius Jones. Certainly, the ineptitude of the opponent must have something to do with it. And while, as I said, there is certainly room for enthusiasm, and your comments earlier might come to fruition, you must keep in context the ineptitude of your opponent.

    I actually wouldn’t mind you being right, and the Huskies being on the verge of a major turnaround…there is nothing wrong with good football in the Northwest, I want Ty to be around next year when ND plays at Husky Stadium, and I want you to be happy.