The Blair Chipmunk Project

Here’s a rather entertaining video from our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park showing the SHA girls — Becky, Shannon, Kristy and V — running away from the terrifying spectre of… a chipmunk.

Note also my girly giggle.

You might hear Becky saying something about “bubonic plague.” The reason is because, during the drive up, I had been reading aloud from a pamphlet outlining the various dangers campers might face in the park, and one of them was the possibility that various creatures, including chipmunks, might be infected with the plague. The girls took this remote risk a little too much to heart, methinks. :)

BTW, I’m sorry for not getting my full gallery of Denver pics up yet. Maybe later today. They’re online now! :) Of particular interest, the all-important boob picture:


I’ve split the gallery up into three sections: the Denver Zoo, our day in the Rockies, and other pics from the trip. Enjoy!

P.S. Aww, ain’t we cute?

13 Responses to “The Blair Chipmunk Project”

  1. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    Where’s Hugh Manatee when you need him?

  2. Brendan Loy says:

    Oh, Hugh was there. And there and there and there. He was never far from the boobies. :)

  3. Jay Johnson says:

    Ahhh…Yersinia pestis the bacterium that causes bubonic plague. It is called bubonic plague because of the swollen lymph nodes called buboes that it causes. (Generally the lymph nodes located at the groin and armpits.) Don’t worry, on avg. only 10-15 people contract plague annually in the US.

    (BTW Ashley wrote this, not Jay)

  4. Rebecca Loy says:

    Aw. Look at how handsome you look! It’s so easy being in love with you.

  5. Brendan Loy says:

    :) Aww. Thanks. You look rather adorable yourself. Such pretty eyes.

    (And boobs. ;)

  6. David K. says:

    You missed a category Brendan, i’ve fixed it for you :)

  7. Bea says:

    What happened to skinny Brendan? Aside from the symphatetic pregnancy–and from here it looks like Brendan is more pregnant than Becky–you have a double chin! Incredible :)

  8. Joe Loy says:

    [Raises chins up off of chest & remarks ~ ]

    It’s genetic. Heritability always Wins out in the end. :) Hi Dr. Mike. ;>

  9. Joe Loy says:

    PS ~ re the Other photo ~ Mount Rushmore is all very Magnificent and so forth but That postcard should be sent to Our Troops Overseas, to remind them that This is what we are Fighting For ;>. Eat yer heart out, Osama :]

  10. V says:

    That chipmunk was possessed! It came after us! I’m convinced there is a chipmunk conspiracy going on at Sprague Lake. They’re all out to get us!