Pick ’em contest reminder

This post will remain on top of the homepage for a while: Enter the 3rd annual Irish Trojan USC & ND pick ’em contest!

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  1. Johanna says:

    I’m a lurker, but your questions so intrigued me that I’m going to try this commenting thingy…

    I’m not sure I agree with the premise that a law that is not enforced is a nullity. It seems to me that the law is an expression of the will of the people. Its enforcement is a separate animal. Enforcement of a law may not be consistent (in some cases, enforcement may be absolutely arbitrary). Is today the day that speeding will be illegal for me? Yet the lack of enforcement does not nullify the law itself. Ideally, the government would enforce laws consistently, but the reality is that many laws are not enforced for many reasons.

    The lack of enforcement should not, in my opinion, determine the ability to enforce in the future. Consider laws that were once unpopular (to some) in their historical context (e.g. voting rights in the post-Civil War era). We all have heard the stories of folks who were denied their right to vote (was it the 13-15th Amendments?). Yet the establishment and maintenance of the laws (even in the absence of enforcement) was (and of course, is) valuable.

    While the application of the law in this particular case may be arbitrary (why him and not others?), the ability to apply the law shouldn’t (in my opinion) be determined by the consistency of application.

  2. Johanna says:

    Oops…totally wrong comment area. Sorry.

  3. Burkeman says:

    Burke’s Picks


    GTech +4

    Penn State -7

    Michigan +3

    Mstate -10

    Purdue + 14

    UCLA +3

    Boston College -7

    USC + 3

    Navy + 21

    AirForce – +24

    Duke + 35

    Standord +21


    Idaho +45

    Nebraska +14

    Washington State +14

    Washington +21

    Standord +27

    Arizona + 7

    Notre Dame -3

    Oregon -7

    OState +21

    Cal -10

    AState + 21

    UCLA + 7

    Go Irish Kick some Booty!

  4. ND 20 GT 17. You heard it here first.