Irish Trojan 2.0: Ably Nerd On?

As I mentioned before, I’m planning to move my blog to either Blogspot or Typepad (mapping the subdomain to the Blogspot/Typepad servers) so that I can drastically reduce the amount of traffic to my WestHost account and thus downgrade from a $260/month dedicated server to a $15/month shared server. I’m hoping to get this done by Wednesday, and I’m in the process of setting it up now.

Because this plan involves permanently severing the blog’s archives into “old blog” and “new blog,” I’m thinking of naming the new blog something other than “The Irish Trojan’s Blog.” It sort of makes sense to do this anyway, because although I’ll always be an Irish Trojan, that appellation is a less significant part of my identity now that I’m no longer a student at either ‘SC or ND. Anyway, my current tentative choice for a new name is “Ably Nerd On,” which is an anagram of “Brendan Loy” first noted here by Jay Johnson, courtesy of the Internet Anagram Server. I think it’s a pretty good name for the blog, as it’s a rather good description of what I do here in cyberspace — or at least, it’s a good description if you’re willing to treat “nerd” as a verb meaning “to be nerdy.” :) However, Becky hates it. So I’m wondering what others think. To wit, a poll.

Please note, this is a non-binding poll. I’m the dictator of my own blog, and as such, I may choose the name even if everyone hates it. :) However, I would like to know what people think. I’m also curious if y’all have any alternative suggestions for a new name. Feel free to leave those in comments.

UPDATE: Okay, so, everybody hates it. Inspired in part by the overwhelming negative poll results, I’m abandoning the idea. (Hey, even a dictator has to avoid being so unpopular that the people revolt!)

I’m thinking I may just call the new blog “Irish Trojan in Tennessee,” thus maintaining the earlier “branding” while still indicating that something has changed. But I continue to be open for suggestions.

P.S. While “Ably Nerd On” is an anagram for Brendan Loy, the anagrams for my full name — Brendan Loomer Loy — include “Blarneyed Lo Moron.” Heh! Maybe I should use that instead! ;) Or perhaps “Ambled Ornery Loon”… or “Blander More Loony”…

22 Responses to “Irish Trojan 2.0: Ably Nerd On?”

  1. Rebecca Loy says:

    I like the Ginger Nerd. Or He-Who-Must-Adore-His-Charming-Wife. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love it, but it’s false advertising–you’re not a nerd. Too plugged into the popular culture, in a good way.

    Except–those cat pictures….

  3. David K. says:

    Not sure what you should call it at this point, but put me down (and i voted this way too) for the it sucks catagory :) Its just too awkward.

  4. Angrier and Angrier says:

    It really, really sucks. I mean, really.

    You can be a dictator and pick it, but I think it is bad on so many levels, I don’t know why you would want to go down that road.

  5. dcl says:


    that would be better and that still sucks

  6. Alasdair says:

    Have you considered Nobly A Nerd ?

    Plus, I believe you are more a despot of your own blog than a dictator, since you were not elected to the position (as used to be a requirement for both dictators and tyrants) …


  7. Tbone says:

    I think you have branded Irish Trojan admirably and there is no good reason to abandon it. Readers outside your inner circle, especially those who come over courtesy of an Instalanche, now identify you with the Irish Trojan name.

    It’s easy enough to provide a portal to your old archives without forsaking the name of your blog. Also, prepare to be disappointed after the switch to either Typepad or Blogger. I recommend Haloscan for use as your commenting system over the built-in Blogger option.

  8. A Rebounded Sex Irony says:

    You do “Ably Nerd On” but this seems a bit weak in describing you. Did you include your middle name?

    My anagram is:
    A Rebounded Sex Irony

  9. Fourstringer says:

    Wow, that name completely sucks.

    By the way, after about age 27, labeling yourself as a nerd is no longer cute or clever.

  10. I R A Darth Aggie says:

    How about Tennesee Back Woods Lawyer?

  11. Trisha says:

    I think I have to agree with TBone on this one, Brendan. It really would not be the same. You will always be affectionately known as the Irish Trojan, so why not just stick with that?

  12. Darth Aggie Plus One says:

    I agree with TBone, but to add to the last comment, how about Tennessee Back Woods Southern Lawyer.

    i’m just sayin’

  13. Antonia says:

    Atticus Lives

  14. Rick Boeckler says:


    How about the following:

    Sell you Loy’d
    Serve & Vol Loy
    Vol Loy of the Dolls.
    Rue de Vol Loy
    Oy Loy!
    The Tenne-scene Vol Loy Authority
    From Where I sit

    Uncle Rick

  15. marty west says:

    I kind of dig Ably Nerd On…

    Maybe something in Gaelic? Athair is father in Gaelic…

  16. Condor says:

    Cast my vote for “Blarneyed Ol’ Moron.”

  17. Condor says:

    (no offense)

  18. David K. says:

    Why not just call it something like Irish Trojan: The Next Generation, or The New Adventures of the Irish Trojan, or Irish Trojan 3.0 or something like that?

    Irish Trojan: The Next Generation
    Irish Trojan: Beyond Golden Dome (reference here)
    The New Adventures of the Irish Trojan
    Irish Trojan v.Next
    The New and Improved Irish Trojan (with 100% of your daily allowance of Vitamin Nerd)
    Irish Trojan: The Adventure Continues
    Irish Trojan: The Redneck Years (you can change it after you leave Tennessee ;-))

  19. Margiekins says:

    My vote is to forget the puns and anagrams, and also the versions of blog titles that contain the words “Irish Trojan” — and then think carefully about what phrase would characterize your unique writing voice. This will also give rise to a lot of other questions about writing and blogging that you should try to answer, or at least consider.

    When I was blogging, I called my blog “The View From the Surface” because I couldn’t see tropical meteorology the way tropical meteorologists did, through satellite, recon, weather soundings, equations, models, and internal visualization of the three-dimensional environment. I was only able to see it from the ground, like everyone else who isn’t in the field.

    Things change, and now I have one foot in each camp. Still, even if I get a degree, someday, I have a feeling I’ll never completely leave behind that original perspective.

  20. Joe Loy says:

    Leanna says:

    Nerd on all you want, but KEEP THE PRODUCT NAME!!