755: Bonds ties Aaron

The last four consecutive nights, I’ve watched every Barry Bonds at-bat on ESPN2, not wanting to miss the historic home runs that would tie, and then break, Hank Aaron’s record. But he didn’t hit any. So of course it figures that tonight, when I totally forgot about Bonds and wasn’t watching, he would tie the record.

I’m watching now. It’s the 5th inning. Will he hit another tonight? If he does, he’ll actually tie a Babe Ruth record — the career total for most multiple-HR games — in addition to breaking the more important Hank Aaron record.

Caveat: I don’t like Barry Bonds, and I don’t respect what he’s apparently done to get to this point. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch history in the making.

P.S. You can watch #755 here. Also here.

P.P.S. Also tonight, Alex Rodriguez — who might someday break Bonds’s record — hit his 500th homer, becoming the youngest player ever to achieve that milestone.

UPDATE: No #756 tonight. Bonds is out of the game, replaced by a pinch-runner with the score tied in the 8th.

Home run #755 was caught by Adam Hughes of La Jolla.

UPDATE 2: Barry Bonds knew about 9/11! Heh.

UPDATE 3: The pitcher who gave up the historic homer once tested positive for steroids. Heh.

Speaking of which, I thought it was pretty awesome that this ad aired on ESPN2 during the game:

First Steroids Awareness Day, and now this. Ah, the delightful little indignities that Bonds must suffer en route to his unearned place in history.

UPDATE 4: CBS Sportsline’s Gregg Doyel is unimpressed with commissioner Bud Selig’s handling of the situation.

10 Responses to “755: Bonds ties Aaron”

  1. Jay Johnson says:

    I still haven’t really decided how I feel about this situation. Bonds has consistently been a black eye for baseball. He was a genuine superstar even in his younger days, but was always so smug, arrogant, and unlovable to the fans that he was horrible for the game.

    Whether or not the steroid thing is true or not (which I’ll grant it probably is) is probably not necessary for me to ultimately decide that I don’t care for the guy and what he’s meant to the game.

    We all have known that the guy’s going to break Aaron’s record this season, and have had so much time to consider it that all of the arguments have been hashed out ad nauseum.

    At this point, all I can really feel is some relief when the thing is done. Then, maybe we can essentially forget about Barry Bonds as much as possible.

    Maybe A-Rod can stick it out long enough to break the record so there’s someone at least all fans can stomach holding baseball (and maybe all of sports) most treasured record.

  2. Johnny Bobcat says:

    Barroid. 755* and counting. What a joke.

  3. MumZ says:

    Just watched some clips of Bonds’ career. He was certainly a gangly skinny boyish figure at age 27-8. The bulking-up changes in 10 years, just from what you can see on TV, are quite noteable. Almost to the level of weight/body change that Casey went through when he lost so much weight post jaw surgery, and then re-gained it in muscle!

  4. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    First, Selig’s decided to deal with the situation by not dealing with it at all. It is interesting to contrast how the NFL is now dealing with this kind of thing (Vick/Pacman Jones) compared to MLB.

    Second, people like to point out what an asshole Bonds is. If being an asshole should strike someone from the record books, you should delete the records of Ty Cobb, Lawrence Taylor, Michael Irvin, etc. I don’t think a person’s personality should have anything to do with judging their athletic ability.

    Third, I think the hope is A-Rod will eventually make all of this moot. I hope he stays healthy so in five or six years MLB and the fans can put this steroids era bullshit behind us.

  5. Brendan Loy says:

    MumZ, if by “almost to the level of,” you mean like “10 times more extreme than,” then I would agree. :)

    Max, Babe Ruth was kind of an asshole too.

  6. marty west says:


    Hank didn’t cheat.

  7. […] Update: Brendan Loy reminds me that some guy named Barry hit a home run yesterday too. […]

  8. Andrew says:

    Casey is a big, beefy, brawny, scary man. I hope I never upset him while in arms length. OTOH, I know who I am calling when it is time to move furniture!

  9. MumZ says:

    Post jaw surgery, Casey and Twiggy had much in common!!!

  10. Sandy Underpants says:

    I even went to the damn Dodgers-Giants game on Thursday and got bored off my damn ass to see BB break the record LIVE and in person. I don’t know how baseball fans do it, they must have pathetically boring lives.

    Anyhow, figures he would break the damn record on the weekend so nobdoy would see it. He really is an asshole.