Rocky Mountain Mama

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park today, which was awesome. Here’s our signature group shot:

And here’s the first official Becky Baby Bump photo, taken in Estes Park in front of an ice cream shop:

More pictures to come later. Now, I gotta pack and get to bed. Tomorrow morning, we head back east. Thanks for the memories, Denver!

8 Responses to “Rocky Mountain Mama”

  1. Barbara says:

    Aww! Looks like fun- have a good time!

  2. Jessica Cowans says:

    You look awesome Becky!

  3. Vicki from NJ says:

    :) you guys are so cute!

  4. 4-7 says:

    can someone please give my number to the one in the middle.

    It’s 4-7.

  5. Rebecca Loy says:

    Sorry 4-7. That mama is taken.

  6. Nadine says:

    This might be of some interest to you and Becky in a few years. It’s an article about why people mate…

  7. Bonnie and Tom says:

    Lookin’ good Becky. Love the haircut Brendan!