Tropical Depression Three has formed off the East Coast. It may become Tropical Storm Chantal later today, but it’s a race against the clock — or more precisely, against extratropical transition. Will the NHC name T.D. 3 before it’s too late? She (if it isn’t premature to call her “she”) is already moving north-northeast at 16 mph, and will soon accelerate into colder waters. In just over a day, she’s expected to be near Newfoundland. So this will be a short-lived entry in the Atlantic tropical logs for 2007, whether it earns a name or not.

Margie Kieper, back from the blogging dead, has more over at Jeff Masters’s place.

UPDATE BY MIKE QUINN: According to CNN, Tropical Storm Chantal has been born.

3 Responses to “Proto-Chantal?”

  1. PenguinSix says:

    Death to Iceland!

    Looks like it is headed that way.

  2. Peter Evans says:

    Aw, I like Iceland. Sigur Ros and Bjork and such like are from Iceland.

  3. Margie K says:

    Afternoon, Brendon. I moved all the current-tropical detail to the next blog entry, leaving the one you linked to with the original a-little-too-oblique-for-weather-geeks fanciful prose. Here’s today’s and yesterday’s tropical obs:

    –Margie K.