ND, Michigan rivalry to take timeout

The Notre Dame-Michigan football series will apparently take at least two years off when the current contract expires in 2011.


13 Responses to “ND, Michigan rivalry to take timeout”

  1. anon says:

    I actually don’t mind this, assuming it resumes after the 2 years, since ND is filling the void w/Oklahoma. I enjoy seeing ND playing a new national team every once and a while. And everyone must remember this is all the doing of Michigan as they demanded ND go to Ann Arbor for 2 consecutive years.

  2. texasyank says:

    Is that it? I heard the University of the Coast Guard had an open date.

  3. gahrie says:

    Little Sisters of the Blind has an open date too…

  4. kcatnd says:

    Lame. They should have kept Michigan on the schedule AND played a team like OU or Alabama. If ND is going to be an independent in football, they need to act like it and start playing Texas, Oklahoma, a Florida team without initials after it or directions before it, etc. Lame.

    Is this really the doing of Michigan? I have a feeling something could have been worked out.

  5. ballin says:

    Kevin White needs a history lesson. And the 7-4-1 scheduling must go.

  6. alphadog says:

    Anyone who denies the fact that, year after year, ND plays a top 20 schedule is in need of a reality check. Every conference team pads their schedule with cupcakes like Middle Tenn State and Sam Houston State. they also take the week off before their big rivals (OU and UT both had weeks off before their game). ND doesnt have luxuries like that. Dont even go there….Pansy conference teams…

  7. Sandy Underpants says:

    OU or Alabama? Neither one of those crappy programs is a step up from Michigan… well this millenium anyway. Some may be surprised to find that I’m not an ND fan, but they sure aren’t cowards like Florida, OU, or Texas, all of whom schedule as many Division I-AA or crap conference-USA and Sunbelt cupcakes that they are allowed by the NCAA to schedule.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Michigan wanted to switch the home-away games so that instead of playing both ND and OSU away in one year, and both home the next, they could play either ND/OSU home and the other team away each year. Unfortunately, this conflicted with the set-up ND already has as ND plays either Mich or USC home and the other team away each year.

    I see no reason why ND should have to cater to Michigan. OU is comprable to Michigan anyway…and they aren’t a traditional rival like USC is.

  9. anonymous says:

    Unsurprisingly, the Michigan trolling far exceeds the Notre Dame trolling in just a few brief posts. Way to live up to your reputation, Wolverines.

  10. Patrick Cooper says:

    I really wanted to see Alabama play Notre Dame. Now I’ll settle for Michigan and Notre Dame playing.

  11. Patrick Cooper says:

    I meant, I’ll settle for Michigan and Alabama playing.

  12. Andrew says:

    Colin Cowherd was reaming Notre Dame this morning for pulling out of the Michigan rivalry game, but if Anonymous is right above about why Michigan wanted the switch, I can cut the Golden Lamers some slack. Still, more reason to turn my nose up at both schools.

    It’s good to be a Trojan.

  13. DriveByMedia says:

    Anonyous above was me. I have information from good sources that that was exactly what Michigan wanted. Let them play another Appalachian State. After all…Appalachian is HOT HOT HOT!!!